Smart technology has been incorporated into almost every facet of our lives. Your phone is smart, your television is smart. Now, your entire home can be upgraded with technology that can control everything from climate control and lights to doors, windows, and more. 

The advent of this technology is causing numerous changes in the real estate industry everywhere. But it is especially beneficial to Outer Banks homeowners as well. Check out the following list to learn about how smart home technology can help to improve your home today. 

Cost Savings and Efficiency

Smart home technology allows for many cost-saving benefits. You can access a controlled system anywhere there is an Internet connection. With an easy-to-control smart thermostat, heating and air conditioning systems will work more efficiently and not waste energy. Leave a light on when you go on vacation? The ability to control lighting systems from your phone or computer can help save money on utility bills. 


Smart home technology makes the process of home maintenance more efficient. Homeowners can receive instant text and email alerts on all connected systems. They can control equipment and appliances remotely through the Cloud. 


A home automation system can help to keep a house secure and monitored. Remote property monitoring can allow homeowners the ability to watch and track their property when they are not there. Keyless access control to the house keeps a homeowner notified of when people are entering the home. In the vacation rental market, it can notify you of when cleaners are accessing a property through a unique code. 

Added Value 

A home automation service can add value to a real estate property. Smart home solutions and features include keyless access control, Cloud-based software, and site monitoring. Your mobile devices, such as a smartphone or tablet, can easily control technology such as lighting, temperature, and appliances within the house.  

These are a few of the many benefits that smart home technology can provide. To learn more, contact Eillu's team of experts and we would be happy to help you learn more about smart home technology as you buy or sell an Outer Banks property.