Why Should You Get Pre-Qualified for a Mortgage?

get-pre-qualified-for-mortgage-loan-to-get-an-edgeOne of the most important steps in the home buying process is obtaining a mortgage for the house. Getting pre-qualified for a mortgage is the first step toward getting a loan on the house. In fact, this step means sellers will take you seriously and provides an edge during negotiation.  Taking this step will help ensure a smoother process, allowing you to be more informed about the loan amount and house that you can afford. Read on to learn about why pre-qualification is necessary in the home buying process!

  • A primary reason to get pre-qualified for a mortgage is to get an estimate of how much you can borrow, which is based on a lender’s analysis. This figure will be based off of information such as income, assets, and other financial data. Once you have this estimate, you can more accurately look for a house that is reasonable and within your budget.
  • It is beneficial to get a pre-qualification at the start of your home buying process. You will have better guidelines to follow because you will have more knowledge about the mortgage that you can afford.
  • Getting a pre-qualification is typically free of charge and does not involve a commitment from the lender or the future home buyer.
  • The process is fairly simple. You can meet with the lender or speak to him or her on the phone to receive an estimate.
  • Pre-qualification can help you find the right lender to help you through the home buying process. You should find an experienced lender who is dependable and ready to guide you as you obtain the mortgage and purchase a house. Talk to multiple people and decide which lender you would like to work with for your home search.
  • After you choose the lender during this process, you can discuss your specific goals and create a plan for your house search. This will be more convenient and can reduce potential roadblocks you could face in the future because with pre-qualification, you will know more about which houses you can afford.
  • Pre-qualification can make you a stronger prospect from the seller’s perspective. It shows that you are serious about purchasing a home and are well-prepared as you are starting the process.

Pre-qualification is the first step while applying for a mortgage, and the next step is pre-approval. Pre-approval is a much more in-depth process that is also essential and will provide a clearer picture for your mortgage and house choices. Pre-approval involves sharing documents with the lender as well as an application and a fee. There will be a more detailed analysis of your financial background. But pre-qualification is an important way to begin, so make sure to take this step first during your house buying process.

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