Why Nags Head Homes Are So Popular



Driving on the beach road in the summertime, chances are you’ve done a double take. Not for the ocean, or the beach goers, or even for the natural beauty seen everywhere on the Outer Banks. Chances are, you’ve done a double take on the beautiful Nags Head style homes that dot the landscape and neighborhoods. Like the Cape Cod style homes throughout New England, Nags Head homes have a distinct look and historic feel, dating back to a time of unpaved roads along the Outer Banks.

There are many reasons the Nags Head style homes are becoming increasingly popular and seeing a reemergence in the real estate market on the Outer Banks.

Covered Porch

A must have for Nags Head style homes, covered porches are also a must have for all houses on the Outer Banks. In three of the four seasons on the Outer Banks, the weather provides an ideal atmosphere for a porch, and having a porch that is covered means rain or shine, you can experience the outdoors whenever you choose. Porches, especially in the southern states, are a staple to homes and are often gathering places for friends, families and communities.

Storm Shutters and Dormers

While the storm shutters have a unique aesthetic feel, they also serve a very real purpose. The old Nags Head homes were used as family getaways for North Carolina farmers and beyond dating back to the 1800s. During that time, it was necessary to have strong solutions when leaving the home and literally boarding up the place when not in use. Nags Head style screams functional design and the shutters may be one of the best examples of this. The heavy-duty shutters are built to withstand winds and rains seen in the occasional storm and protect the home from other damage when not in use.

Roof, Dormers and Siding

Most Nags Head homes have two floors and a tiered roof with dormers that may vary in pitch. Some homes almost resemble a fedora hat. Dormers are walls with windows placed vertically with its own independent roof, thus making the area inhabitable while providing air circulation. The top roof is smaller and fans out to the lower level which covers what is usually a wrap-around porch. The siding on the house can vary, however, historically, the most common siding material was the wood shingle, which was often cedar or juniper wood.

Stilts/Elevated Frame

Besides the shutters, a key to identifying a Nags Head home are the stilts the house sits on. Elevated above sea level, homes were built this way to thwart flood damage, which has become commonplace throughout the Outer Banks. Building a Nags Head style home on stilts creates a presence to the home that, with a porch, is often a unique landmark in a neighborhood.

Built in Railing, Benches, and Beauty Bands

Having a wrap-around porch on a home that is on stilts requires a railing around the porch as well. Fortunately the Nags Head style homes on the Outer Banks takes this into the design on the home, often incorporating a functional built in bench to create a natural gathering and sitting area. From the shutters and railings to exposed rafter rails and trim, many small details provide huge aesthetic value. Another example is known as a beauty band, which is a solid trim-like band that breaks up what is otherwise monotonous areas of siding.

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