Vacation Destinations Compared – Where is The Perfect Location for Your Vacation Home?

From Maine to Florida where is the best place to buy a vacation home, second home or investment property?

Once the coastal lifestyle gets under your skin it never lets go.  I have spent a lot of time at the beach and on the water.  I was blessed as a child to spend summers at the beach and boating at Delaware beaches and bays.  Later, I lived in New Jersey by the shore and visited all beaches in the state as part of my business.  On various random trips, I have visited other beaches on the west coast and east coast. 

I moved to the Outer Banks almost 20 years ago and never regretted it.  Back then and now, the Outer Banks offered the most bang for the buck.  At the time, I could have moved anywhere.  I visited and researched both east coast and west coast destinations.  The west coast was far too expensive to get anything on the water.  Ditto Long Island.  Other destinations appeared “run down” or tired.  Over development in other locations detracted from why I like living at the beach.

What I have learned is every beach location has its own vibe.  While the Outer Banks has an overall laid back vibe, each town over the 100 plus miles has its own layer on top.  Carova is remote and adventurous spirits gather there.  Corolla and Duck appeal to more affluent travelers and buyers.  Nags Head is for traditionalist.  Kitty Hawk and Kill Devil Hills is centrally located for all the action.  Hatteras retains its fishing heritage.  Each of these distinct layers give each town its own flavor or personality. 

Today, there are more tools and information about destinations than 20 years ago.  These tools are useful to screen locations and eliminate ones that don’t match your needs or criteria.  Use the charts and data I compiled below, to screen vacation locations to zero in on a place that is perfect for your family.  Check out: What to Consider When Buying Your First Vacation Home .

infographic map with cost and areavibe ratings for vacation destinations from Maine to Florida      outer-banks-mustang-reunion-celebration


Median Costs for Vacation Homes from Maine to Florida

Owning a vacation home is a large financial commitment.  Every market has a variety of price ranges that homes sell for.  The median cost of homes for 42 popular destinations from Maine to Florida are shown in the chart below.  They are listed from the most expensive to least expensive.

median cost for homes in vacation destinations from Maine to Florida

Cost per Sq Ft for Vacation Homes from Maine to Florida

Of course, the cost of the home you select will depend of what size you need.  The Outer Banks market has everything from 1 bedroom condos up to 14 bedrooms and higher.  You can select a cozy retreat or a mega-house with enough room for the whole extended family.  The cost per square foot is a good indicator of what you will need to spend in each destination.

cost per sq ft in vacation destinations from Maine to Florida

Days on Market for Vacation Homes from Maine to Florida

The days on market is a measurement of the age of a real estate listing. The statistic is defined as the total number of days the listing is on the active market before either an offer is accepted or the agreement between real estate broker and seller ends.  In a buyers’ market, days on market tends to be higher and the reverse is true for a sellers market. 

days on market for homes in vacation destinations from Maine to Florida

Cost of Living at Vacation Destinations from Maine to Florida

Purchasing the vacation home is only the first step.  The cost of living in the area is going to impact how much it costs to maintain the home, utilities, and other services.  The base of 100 for the index is the average and values above 100 are area that are more costly to maintain same standard of living and vice versa.

cost of living for vacation destinations from Maine to Florida

There are a lot of things to consider to find the perfect vacation home, second home or investment property.  Read our 10 Reasons to own a vacation home in the Outer Banks or How to Select the Best Outer Banks Neighborhood for Investment, Retirement or for You and Your Family to Enjoy to learn why I consider this place so very special. 

The Eillu team is standing by and will be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding our real estate market or properties available for sale.  Go on vacation, visit us and schedule an appointment today.  One trip is all it took for me.

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