Top 8 Reasons Why People Love to Live on the Outer Banks

why-live-on-outer-banksThe Outer Banks of North Carolina has been a popular vacation destination for decades. Thousands visit every year to enjoy a week of fun in the sun away from the hustle and bustle of daily life. The Outer Banks is not just a vacation spot, however, as Dare County consists of more than 40,000 full-time residents who call the Outer Banks home.

This number is steadily growing as potential home owners continue to see the benefits of an Outer Banks lifestyle. Are you considering buying your next home on the Outer Banks? Check out these 10 reasons why people love to live on the beautiful barrier islands:

  1. The Beach-This is probably the most obvious reason why many love the Outer Banks. Dare County offers access to miles of pristine beaches that are great for both recreation and relaxation. It does not matter if you prefer to surf or beachcomb, the Outer Banks has you covered.
  2. Nature-The Outer Banks has many nature preserves, as well as the Cape Hatteras National Seashore. Residents have access to these preserves and are able to use them for recreational purposes all year long. Corolla, NC is known for its wild Banker Horses that roam the area. The Outer Banks also has an abundance of wildlife including a vast variety of migratory birds.
  3. The Fishing-Anglers adore the Outer Banks and its multitude of fish. From the sound to the sea there are thousands of fish awaiting fisherman. The Outer Banks has many fishing charters available at Oregon Inlet and in Hatteras Village for off-shore fishing fans. Dolphin fish, Tuna, Drum, Marlin and many others are brought in on a daily basis.
  4. The History-The Outer Banks was explored as early as the 1500’s and has been inhabited ever since. The coastline has been named the “Graveyard of the Atlantic” because of the many shipwrecks that have occurred off the coast. Famous historical persons of note include Virginia Dare, Sir Walter Raleigh, Blackbeard and the Wright Brothers. The Outer Banks also has many museums and monuments dedicated to the history and culture of the area, available for all to explore.
  5. The Seclusion-Many wish to escape the hustle and bustle of urban life by living on the Outer Bank. Although the Outer Banks is a popular tourist spot in the summer, it is easy to get around and still maintains a slower-paced lifestyle. The offseason offers desolate beaches for activities within a small-niche community.
  6. Community Life– Dare county is extremely active, as there is an abundance of recreation teams, charities, events and a strong Chamber of Commerce that promotes and supports businesses in the area. If one wishes to be involved in the community, there is a wide variety of ways to choose from.
  7. School Systems-Dare & Currituck County Schools are among the best in the State of North Carolina. The county has high test passing rates, a strong club program, and heavily supported sports teams. Any child that attends a Dare or Currituck County School is likely to be prepared for success.
  8. Growing Economy: Dare and Currituck Counties both are seeing growth due to more permanent residents calling the area home. The number of seasonal residents during the “on” season is growing each year, while the off season is simultaneously beginning to see less of a decline in people, due to more jobs being held all year long.

These are just a few of the reasons why residents love the Outer Banks and choose to call it home. Want to learn more about living full-time on the Outer Banks? Contact Eillu at 252-491-9999.

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