10 Reasons Eillu Is Your Next Outer Banks Real Estate Broker

real-estate-brokers-outer-banksIt’s not often that we toot our own horn. In fact, we prefer to share information to help you. Whether it’s keeping you informed through our blogs about trends in the real estate market, updates on new listings, or what’s happening on the Outer Banks, providing you with useful information is how we prefer to establish a working relationship and gain your trust. But if you’re unfamiliar with Eillu, here’s a little bit about our team and why we should be on your radar as Outer Banks real estate brokers.

1. Today, over 90% of buyers and sellers are looking for real estate online. This means that the old way of buying and selling homes has changed and Eillu is on the leading edge of that change. With transactions occurring at record speeds, it’s imperative to align your buying and selling with a company that understands more than just the real estate industry, but has a range of expertise to bring results from start to close. Eillu operates with real estate expertise, a strong IT department and the best in-house marketing department in the region. Our team comes from all backgrounds so while we have expertise in real estate, our knowledge doesn’t stop there.

2. Having an in-house team focusing on Inbound Marketing has the advantage. What is the Inbound Methodology? Think of it like this, nobody likes pushy sales people. Believe it or not, sales people don’t even like pushy sales people. It’s unnatural, it’s intrusive and sometimes it can be too much, too often. How we differ is we search for quality leads by attracting, converting, closing and delighting people every step of the way on their buying or selling journey. We want to attract you to our site, to our company and to our agents by providing you with reliable, up-to-date, helpful information. And our marketing team works to research and create useful content

3. Social media is the new word-of-mouth and content can spread like wildfire. We use these platforms like Pinterest and Facebook heavily day-to-day to stay relevant and in front of potential buyers. If you’re selling a home, this means more exposure to generate leads. If you haven’t seen it already, check out this contest we’ve launched on our Facebook page. We’ve recently partnered with the Currituck County Tourism board to provide another free vacation giveaway at a beach house for a week. These are just two examples of offers we send out to attract new leads while also giving back to the community.

4. Team experience and community involvement means we invest in life on the Outer Banks. We’re a group of dedicated people who work, live, breathe, employ, play, stay, dine, engage, donate, learn, encourage, inspire and grow together as members of the Outer Banks community. We call the beautiful Outer Banks home. What that means is we know the area, the people, the culture and community. Members of our team have been on the frontline of developing parks and bike paths for the community as well as ocean-front properties.

5. Sellers benefit because Eillu works for a smaller commission than most real estate companies. This means that you get more money on your home sale and a team member who can spend more time helping you through the process. Instead of promoting and finding homes the old way, we have access to advanced MLS and CRM technology, providing the best service in the market. Buyers have access to an in-house broker and real estate professional to provide all the help and assistance they need to close the deal.

6. Implementing cutting edge technology means we’re up-to-date on the newest trends while growing our strong foundation. Our optimized website and continual evaluation and analysis of our Search Engine Optimization strategy means that we work to maintain relevancy now and over time. We use leading programs to connect our real estate professionals with the most number of homes and potential buyers.

7. We do not farm out our leads. We work hard to attract leads through our in-house inbound marketing and nurturing system. We believe in quality of service and quality of engaged leads, not quantity.

8. We’re not about the bottom dollar, we’re about building a better and brighter community and have been doing so in ways large and small for years. With over 50 years of combined experience in the real estate industry, we have a strong foundation and are actively seeking continuing education courses.

9. Whether you’re buying your first home, selling a home, or are interested in purchasing a vacation home on the Outer Banks that doubles as a money-making investment, our team can help you with it all. Our professional staff has a wealth of knowledge and experience through every step of the process. Have questions, send them our way and we can share how buying a home builds equity, has tax benefits, limitless freedom for creatively making a space your own, and can provide financial security. Because the Outer Banks is a hugely popular vacation destination, vacation home ownership on the beach is an opportunity to have a family vacation while simultaneously generating income.

10. Making the sale isn’t the end-all-be-all for us, we’d rather cultivate a relationship and be helpful professionals. One day, when you or someone you know is ready to buy your first home, purchase investment property, or put your home on the market, you’ll know where to turn and the team you can trust.

If you’re looking for a reliable real estate team on the Outer Banks, contact Eillu’s responsive and experienced professionals. We’re ready to assist you in any home buying or home selling capacity.

Yes, You Can Expect More With The Eillu Real Estate Team!

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