Tips to Improve the Home Curb Appeal

tips-improve-curb-appealWhen buying or selling a home, first impressions mean everything. The curb appeal of the home is the first thing the potential buyer sees in person and can therefore change their perception of the home overall. Updating and maintaining the curb appeal of the home can be the difference in the final sales price and length of time the home is on the market. Use these great tips to improve your curb appeal to increase positive experiences in the viewing of your home and to potentially improve the final sales price.

Wash Your Windows on the Outside:  You never realize how much debris accumulates on the outside of the window until you wipe the windows down. This will improve the clarity of the windows.

Power Wash the House: Remove the film from the exterior of your home. It will improve the color on vinyl siding and make a brick home look brand new.

Repaint Shutters: If your shutters have peeling paint or have not be maintained, putting a fresh coat of paint on them can give the entire home a cleaner look.

Mow the Lawn: You may not be living at the home, but having your lawn trimmed regularly will improve curb appeal.  You never know when a potential buyer may drive by. Trim back hedges and remove any fallen branches when needed.

Purchase Inexpensive, Colorful Plants: Fresh plants can bring that extra pop of color to the exterior of the home and can be found at most hardware stores at a relatively low price. Bright colored flowers can bring a warm and inviting touch to your walkway or front porch.

Move Garbage Cans Out of Sight: Garbage is garbage and no one wants to see it. Move cans to the side of the home and out of sight from the road to make the front seem as visually appealing as possible. It is also recommended that you remove all other miscellaneous items from the front yard, including kids’ toys and any side projects.

Check for Missing Shingles: You may not pay too much attention to your roof, but a buyer is likely to notice miniscule details you would normally overlook about your home.  If you are missing a shingle or two on the roof it is recommended you go ahead and replace them.

Clean the Gutters: Remove any debris from the gutters such as leaves and pine needles so they will function properly and the run-off can flow as it should.

Trim Tree Limbs Near the Roof: Tree limbs that are close to the roof can become a safety hazard, especially in the case of a storm. Remove any limbs that hang over or too near your home.

Add or Repaint Home Numbers: How are potential buyers to know that yes, this is the home I saw online for sale? Easy to read house numbers will make it easier for a passer-by to notice and pick out the home.

Add Driveway and Porch Lighting: If a potential buyer drives by at night, you want them to be able to see the front of the home. Add lighting to illuminate the positives of the front of the house and to create an attractive ambiance as they drive by.

Use these tips to make your home look its best. Buyers will appreciate the effort and will enter your home on a positive note!

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