Storm Readiness that Can Help Sell Your Outer Banks Home


The Outer Banks is a paradise for vacationers and homeowners alike. Miles of beaches, fun activities and a strong community atmosphere attract more homeowners to consider OBX real estate. The beaches are known to face occasional storm systems, but many homes on the Outer Banks are built and prepared to weather these occurrences. No matter if you are considering buying Outer Banks real estate or selling, having certain tools and amenities installed at your property can increase the value of your home. Here are some items you can have installed at your home that can easily increase your property value!

Hurricane Shutters

Having hurricane shutters installed on your home can easily save you thousands of dollars during each storm on the Outer Banks. When a high-wind storm like a hurricane or Nor’Easter hits the coast, winds pick up debris and objects that can potentially damage your home, windows and doors. Hurricane shutters help protect your windows from attaining damage from debris and large objects in the storm. This will increase the value of your home and potentially save your family from unwanted repair fees.

Elevated Air Conditioning Units

Installing an elevated air conditioning unit is a valuable asset for any OBX home. Storms often bring higher tides and even tidal flooding to the beach, causing great concern for any AC unit that is on ground level, especially on the oceanfront. Elevating your AC unit five feet or higher using an AC stand or an addition to your home can save you from unexpected repair fees which can be in the thousands due to the price of HVAC units. Whether you are buying or selling a home, an elevated HVAC unit is beneficial and will help raise the value of your home.

Deep Pilings Equal Sound Structures

Homes that have foundations rooted in sand need pilings to withstand the ebb and flow of the beaches. Homes that have deep pilings are more likely to withstand the test of time and storms that may come. If you are looking at purchasing an existing home, be sure check with an inspector to ensure that the home’s pilings or foundation structure is sound and meets current codes to withstand storms. This alone can save you large sums of money in the future and increase the value of an existing home.

A Home that Meets Current Codes

When considering buying or selling, a large factor of home cost is the home’s ability to meet codes. Homes that meet current codes usually can expect a boost in home value just for meeting all the requirements. Homes that do not meet code often take a hit in value because the buyer will have to spend additional funds to get the home to code when performing any renovations.
Having some or all of these in your home can boost home value and maximize return on investment within the home. Considering buying or selling an OBX home? Contact Eillu at and get started today!


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