Showcasing Your Home


The fundamentals of showcasing your home in preparation of selling are to highlight your home’s strengths, deemphasize its weaknesses, and strive to attract as many visitors as possible. There are many ways to do this, but the following are a few that will get you started and off in the right direction of successfully promoting and selling your home.

Remove Clutter

By removing any unnecessary furniture or items from a room, your home will not only look cleaner, but appears bigger, as well. With less in the room that defines who you are, potential buyers are better able to see how they would be able to transform the space to reflect their own style and personality.


It is important to make repairs and complete any unfinished projects that you possibly can before you begin showing your home to potential buyers. This includes every-day wear-and-tear damage to door frames, wood floors and carpets, window sills, paint chips, cracked wall socket plates, or chipped tile and vinyl, among innumerable others. These tiny details might go by unnoticed by you every day because you are used to seeing them, but to a home visitor, they stick out like a sore thumb.

Transform Rooms

Showcase unique options for rooms by finally taking that idea you never put into action and following through with it, or by simply introducing a few pieces of furniture or decorations to an unused portion of your house to present to potential buyers an exciting idea for overlooked spaces. For example, that loft above your living room that has only housed a couple of end tables and a love seat since you moved in, transform it into a cozy reading nook with a couple of bookshelves, oversized floor pillows, a beautiful lamp and maybe even a hammock. Getting your home visitors excited about the possibilities they could create in your home is a key to winning them over and making the sale.

Enrich Your Space

Decorations, brand new paint, and fresh flowers are three ways to spruce up your home and create more of an inviting, positive feel for your home visitors. Remember, when it comes to accessorizing your house, odd numbers are preferred, especially threes, so group that vase, candle and mini Eiffel Tower together uniquely on a table.

Fresh paint will brighten up the walls, but be sure to remain neutral. As off-white or eggshell are always going to create a neutral canvas, change it up a bit and choose a soft green or blue, in dull shades of course, to bring life and excitement to your home.

Finally, fresh flowers are almost always a must. Just as adding a few pops of color to your yard with potted or hanging flowers, the same goes for the inside, as well. It’s amazing how one bouquet of flowers on a coffee table really brightens up the entire room.

These are just a few of many ideas to get your home in the right condition to show it to potential buyers. It is helpful to think about how you felt when you first saw your home. What were the highlights that really sold it to you? Revamp and renew those highlights to pass that feeling of excitement about your home on to its next potential owner.


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