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We understand you have worked hard for your money. When you invested in real estate, even for your primary home, you took some risk and expect some reward. After all, you have lovingly cared for the home. Maybe you also made improvements. You deserve to earn more from the sale.


At Eillu, we believe 1.5% listing commission* is fair compensation. This is half of what our competitors charge in the Outer Banks market. We have also capped our listing commission at $15,000 to remain fair to higher end property owners. Check out the chart below to see how much you can save by listing your home with Eillu!

Low 1.5 Listing
Capped at $15,000!

Full Service at a Better Price!

Have you ever wondered why traditional real estate commissions are so high? Us too. After all, it does not take twice as much time and expense to sell a million dollar property compared to a half a million dollar property. So, why should you pay twice as much in commissions?

At Eillu, we seriously believe sellers deserve better; so we have re-imaged our business model from the bottom up. We have invested in technology to streamline our process for utmost efficiency. These efficiencies allows us to pass these saving on to our buyers and sellers. Serving our Buyers and Sellers is our entire focus.

Sellers commission chart

Our Experienced Real Estate Professional Focus on the Customer Experience

We have also invested in our team. Our real estate model provides salary based compensation, and other benefits to Associates who choose this option. Our innovative approach means Associates are loyal and are rewarded based on customer satisfaction not the size of the deal.

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Yes, You Can Expect More With Eillu!