Pricing Your Home

Your Eillu real estate professional will help you determine the best asking price for maximum profit and shortest time on the market. There are several factors that need to be considered when determining the asking price for your home. Here are some of the elements your Eillu real estate professional will consider when working with you to establish the ideal asking price for your home.
Eillu Pricing Process

1. Local Market:

Every market is different. The same home located in two different states or even two different local neighborhoods may command very different prices. Location plays a critical role in pricing of the home. The supply and demand of homes in that specific area also affects the asking price for your home. Other factors include the area’s level of job security, school systems and community activities. Understanding and considering these while pricing your home is critical to determining the correct value.

2. Home Appraisal:

Over the years, you have probably grown much attached to your home. As a result, you may carry an unconscious bias when it comes to pricing your home. Obtaining an appraisal for your home will give you and your Eillu real estate team member an objective look at your home and community and even provide you with a number on which to base your asking price.

3. Comparable Homes:

Your Eillu real estate professional will research homes in the area that are comparable to yours to help establish a baseline for your pricing.

4. Your Home’s Condition:

Any wear and tear your home has sustained over the years may affect the price. Your Eillu real estate professional will help you decide whether it’s best to sell your home as-is or make repairs in order to command the best asking price.

5. National and global market concerns:

It is not just the local market that affects home pricing, but the global economy as well. Upturns and downtowns in the economy can affect the security buyers have in their financial life. This will cause the supply and demand to fluctuate on the market, affecting your home price. Your Eillu real estate team member will discuss this aspect with you as you determine your sale price.


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