Eillu Selling Process

Selling your home is a decision that takes great consideration. There are many things to think about, but Eillu’s expert team will walk you through it all, step by step, to successfully list and sell your home for maximum value.

1. Determine An Asking Price:

Your Eillu real estate professional will work with you to set an asking price that gets you maximum value in the shortest amount of time possible. Your Eillu real estate professional will help you set priorities, determine reasonable time frames, and establish sound goals to reach during the selling process.

2. Home Preparation:

The better prepared your home is for showing, the more likely it is to sell. Eillu will provide expert guidance to help you prepare your home to sell. For example, you’ll want to remove any boxes and clutter from your home and make sure the yard is trimmed properly. If there are bright colors on the walls, consider repainting those walls to a more neutral tone. Be sure to use as much natural lighting as possible to make the home more pleasant when potential buyers enter the home.

3. Marketing and Promoting Your Home:

90% of home buyers use the internet as a decision-making resource. That’s why Eillu implements a proven internet marketing process to promote listings, attract website visitors to view those listings, and convert those visitors into home buyers. We also implement traditional marketing methods, including TV commercials and print ads to ensure we reach the other 10% of home buyers who don’t use the internet as a home buying resource.

4. Offers and Negotiations:

Eillu’s experienced real estate professionals will work with you to navigate the offer and negotiation process with buyers. We’ll explain all aspects of the process clearly to help you understand and feel comfortable. When a buyer presents a written offer to your Eillu real estate professional, he or she will explain the offer in detail, let you know if these buyers are qualified for purchase, and help you determine if the offer is right for you.

If the offer is acceptable, your Eillu real estate professional will review the formal contract with you. Together, you will review the offering price, down payment information, financial agreements, any fees to be paid, inspection requirements, closing cost information and more. Your Eillu real estate professional will ensure you understand all aspects before signing the contract. If the contract is not acceptable, your Eillu real estate professional will negotiate with the potential buyers to create a contract that is acceptable for all parties.

5. Complete Contract To-Do List:

Depending on the details of your contract, you and the buyer may have some to-dos to accomplish, including repairs or inspections. Your Eillu real estate professional will work with you to plan these to-dos and execute them within the specific time frame discussed in the contract.

6. Prep for Closing:

Your Eillu real estate professional will guide you in gathering all needed property information for the new owner and ensuring all bank documents are in order.

7. Officially Close on Your Home:

This is when the property is legally transferred from the seller to the buyer’s ownership. Your Eillu real estate professional will help you understand and sign all necessary documentation. Some states require you have a lawyer present. All property information and documentation will be handed over at this time. Your Eillu real estate professional will help you understand everything you are signing and ensure all your questions are answered.


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