Realtor vs. FSBO: The Benefits of Working with a Real Estate Agent


Perhaps, you are considering selling your house yourself or For Sale by Owner (FSBO).  You may believe you will be able to profit more on the sale.  The process of selling a house involves many tasks, and it is a good decision to allow a real estate agent to help you throughout the process. While you know your home well, the real estate agent can use his or her expertise and sales experience to effectively sell your house in a shorter time period and at a higher price. Check out some more of the benefits of relying on a real estate agent below!

  • A real estate agent knows the market and industry well. With access to industry information and knowledge about home prices and sales, a real estate agent will work to sell your home effectively and for the right price.
  • Marketing is an important part of selling a house. Real estate agents have the right sales and marketing background to get prospects interested in your real estate property. Real estate agents have strong networks and connections in order to efficiently market the house. They can reach more people and create marketing strategies and materials for your property to get sold faster.
  • There are many different forms and documents, such as contracts, involved in the sale of a house. A real estate agent has the necessary experience to help you with these documents and will work through all the steps, such as the closing process, with you.
  • Real estate agents can show your house to prospective buyers, and they can set up these schedules. It can be difficult for the seller to be available for every showing, and real estate agents can help with these appointments. It is important to properly present a house to interested buyers.
  • They will work with you when negotiating for the best deal on the house. They can learn your goals and use their background to negotiate and create the right offer on the property. Negotiation skills are necessary and helpful when selling real estate, and real estate agents can work for your best interest.
  • Real estate agents can use the Multiple Listing Service, or MLS, which shows homes that are available for sale. The agent you work with can upload information about your house and his or her network of agents and other real estate professionals will be able to see the listing. More buyers can result from word-of-mouth marketing with other agents.
  • If your house needs any repairs or other maintenance work as you are selling the property, the real estate agent can inform you of his or her preferred service companies in the area.
  • Real estate agents are experts in their localities, so they can help inform you about community and neighborhood guidelines as well as anything else unique to the specific area in which your home is located. This can help with effectively selling your property.

Real estate agents are beneficial to work with, and you can rely on their knowledge and sales backgrounds to help you sell your house. Contact Eillu today for more information on Outer Banks real estate! Eillu has an experienced team of professionals for real estate sales in the Outer Banks.


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