Questions Sellers Should Ask Their Listing Agent

questions-sellers-should-ask-their-listing-agentSelling a home can be exciting and nerve-wracking for any homeowner. Having a real estate agent that you can trust and depend on during the selling process can make all the difference in the world for your experience. Selling your real estate can be easier if you understand what is occurring and have a real estate agent who cares and will work with you through the process. Here are some questions that sellers should ask any real estate agent before selling your home.

What Designations Do You Have?

Be sure to ask your agent tough questions without hesitation. After all, the process of selling a home can be lengthy and you want to get it right the first time while maximizing your home’s value. What certifications and designations does your potential agent have? Knowing that your agent is someone that has the market experience needed to sell your home quickly and at an acceptable rate is an absolute must. Ask for their credentials.

How Many Homes Have You Sold in My Area?

Having a proven agent improves the chances that you will sell your home. Ask how many homes your potential agent has sold in the last six months and how many homes he/she sells each year on average.

What is the Marketing Strategy for the Agent and Their Company?

Having a representative that will effectively market your home and reach a large number of potential customers is a must. It’s not enough to put a sign on the side of the road and wait for the phone to ring. If your home isn’t being marketed, how will buyers know it is for sale? Learn more about their strategy, website and technology used to ensure the best results.

What Support Does Your Staff Provide for the Selling Process?

Learn if you will have easy access to support such as brokerage assistance, legal assistance and notaries. Those who provide in-house or have easy access to these services will make your selling experience even better.

What is Your Business Philosophy?

An agent’s philosophy affects all aspects of a sale. An agent who is only worried about their bottom dollar instead of your success, experience and profit often leads to a troubled selling process. Find a company and agent that puts the seller’s needs and desires as the priority instead of a company that focuses solely on their profits alone.

Will You Keep Me Informed on the Selling Process?

Any seller wants to know the progress of the selling process. Be sure your agent keeps you in the loop throughout the selling process and includes you in any decisions that need to be made for selling your home quickly and at an acceptable cost.

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