Why Professional Marketing in Real Estate Matters

houseeMarketing plays a vital role in today’s real estate world. Buying and selling real estate has evolved dramatically over the past decade and people are depending on an agency with a strong marketing plan.

The internet is the first place buyers are looking and you need to make sure your listing stands out! You may wonder how your home can stand out from the thousands of other homes and is there any guarantee that buyers will click for more information and pictures?

If your Real Estate firm has a strong optimized website then it’s a safe bet that they have a large database of potential buyers. Before you hire an agent, you should make sure that you understand how they plan on marketing your home. An advanced Real Estate agency that understands the importance of professional marketing will be able to provide current examples of their email blast, blog articles, and other tech-savvy strategies. Below are some of the latest trends in real estate marketing that agents are using to sell your home!

Mobile Friendly Website with a Page for Your Listing

Your Agents website and emails need to be user-friendly on all devices. You want a potential buyer to have a positive perception of your Agent’s website and have it easy to navigate. Over 60 percent of emails are accessed by a mobile device so it is essential that the site is responsive. If the content on the page isn’t quick to load, the person is very likely to look elsewhere for their real estate needs.

At Eillu, our marketing plan includes a dedicated website page for every listing.  Our website has been optimized so that potential clients can easily find your listing. The easier the listing is to find online, the easier it is for people to take the next step and see the listing.

Hire a Professional Photographer

Successful real estate depends on great photography. Bad photos of listings can completely lose the buyers interest so it is vital that your Agent has well-staged, high resolutions pictures of your listing.

Real estate photography is often left to the professionals because they know how to enhance lighting and space to improve the quality of your images. The first thing a person usually notices when they are looking for a home is the pictures, so amazing pictures are the first place to start to attract buyers.

Develop Guides for Buyers and Sellers

Most clients, both buyers and sellers, have questions about the buying and selling process.  Some of these questions are common and are encountered multiple times. Eillu has created many downloadable guides to answer the common questions and obtain new leads.  Eillu’s website is a convenient place to find information that keeps buyers engaged.


Advertising today is concentrated on the internet because that is where the people are and that is the preferred method buyers use to search.  A marketing plan typically includes a mix of advertising on various channels.  At Eillu, we have Zillow Premier Agents and include paid ads on the site.  Similarly, trulia, Homes.com and Realtor.com is also be included in the mix.  In addition, your homes listing is also included on over 900 affiliated sites to maximize the exposure.


Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software is used by the advanced real estate firms to capture client data and expand the marketing possibilities with automation and targeting based on clients preferences.  Frequent emailed Newsletters to our client base keeps them engaged with real estate related topics, current community events, activities and local news.   The CRM allows Eillu agents to be more efficient and reach more customers by providing reminders and having a central location of client data.  It also allows us to be super responsive with chats and other techniques on the site to reach out to contacts when they need it the most.

Open Houses

While open houses are a traditional way of marketing listings, they continue to have a place in the marketing mix.  At Eillu, we believe in hosting open houses for Agents as well as potential buyers.  We generate more interest in our open houses through publicity leading up to the event and give-a-ways to generate excitement.

Increase Website Traffic

Professional marketing depends heavily on great content.  We believe the inbound marketing method of attracting customers with useful information and keep them coming back as valued clients.  We maintain client relationships for life and through all of the milestones reached.

We continually produce great content and promote the content through various channels.  Some of these channels are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Google+.  In turn, these channels funnel more leads to our website to continually build the traffic and the number of eyes that will see your listing page.

We also vary the length and format of our content to appeal to different audiences. We produce long form content, like ebooks, to delve into a topic with more detail, infographics to illustrate a topic graphically as well as video to appeal to a wide range of audiences and preferences.

Our marketing team continually monitors your analytical data to improve our results and invest time and resources where we receive a positive return.  Real estate agents that have developed an effective marketing strategy are more likely to be able to provide clients with data-driven results.

These are just a few things to consider when you are researching a real estate agent for selling your home based on their professional marketing. Our boutique agency has a dedicated team of marketing professionals devoted to applying the best marketing techniques to increase the exposure of your home. With over 50 years of combined experience along with engagement in the community where we work, Eillu’s team of experts is ready to assist you in selling your home or finding the perfect property for your family to enjoy!  Yes, you can expect more with Eillu.


Yes, You Can Expect More With The Eillu Real Estate Team!

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