Outer Banks Partial Rentals Are Gaining Popularity

family-pier-man-woman-39691If you want to visit the Outer Banks but can’t commit to an entire week, you might just be in luck.  Partial rentals have become increasingly popular this year and it seems that more and more people have been taking advantage of a last minute rental. Many vacation rental companies are now offering “mini-vacations” which allows you to plan your trip on your own time and schedule. Booking a full week trip a year in advance is unrealistic for many families, so they are waiting until last minute to see if a home is available. Although you might not get your first choice house, many companies would rather offer a discount than let the home not rent. Although there is not one specific reason why partial rentals are picking up on the Outer Banks, below is what you need to know if you’re hoping to secure a partial rental.

Mini Vacations

Mini Vacations are typically a 3 day minimum stay and during summer months can’t be booked until seven days prior to your arrival if the homeowner approves. Every realty company on the Outer Banks has their own policy on partials stays, but it seems many vacation rental owners are becoming more open to the idea. You are more likely to be able to secure a partial rental during the months of October through May when so many of our community’s popular events take place.

Changing Industry

The vacation rental industry is changing to better meet the needs of their customers, so partials are gaining popularity. Outer Banks vacation rental companies are now competing with vacation hosting services like Airbnb, VRBO and hotels, so many would rather discount a home for a partial rental than have it not booked for an entire week. If you are considering booking an unreserved home for a full week last minute, many companies will offer a discount to make your vacation more affordable.  You might find that certain fees can’t be waived for a partial rental and they will be based on a seven night stay. The availability of partials and pricing varies every week depending on the time of year you would like to visit.

Partial Policy

When searching online for a home and you see that it is not booked for your week it will most likely indicate if the owner accepts mini stays during summer season. However, most vacation rental companies offer partial stays during the off season excluding holidays. Typically, partial rentals can’t be made online so you will have to contact the company for additional information. It often depends on the size of the house, rates, and availability when you inquire for a partial stay.  Every homeowner sets their own rules for mini-vacations, but you should remember full week reservations have priority.

Vacationing on the Outer Banks should be a wonderful experience, no matter if you are here for a few days or a few weeks. While you are here, consider making this your second home, retirement home or purchasing your very own vacation home.  For more information, contact Eillu. We are ready to help you with your all your Outer Banks real estate needs.



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