Mid-Currituck Bridge Update

Mid-Currituck Bridge Update - Outer Banks Real Estate

Construction on the Mid-Currituck Bridge, designed to connect the Currituck County mainland to the Outer Banks, is scheduled to begin in just about two years – and it’s going to supplement the only highway crossing currently on Currituck Sound: the Wright Memorial Bridge.

Here’s what you need to know about the bridge and how it’ll impact your life in OBX.

Mid-Currituck Bridge Update

Right now, the design and development of permit applications is underway – and the whole project is supposed to be financed by next spring. Construction on the 4.7-mile, two-lane bridge is scheduled to start in Spring of 2022.

Why Do We Need the Mid-Currituck Bridge?

Millions of people cross the Currituck Sound now, and by 2040, conservative forecasts say that drivers (both residents and visitors) will make more than 2.8 million trips across this new bridge. And because it currently takes 60 (or more) minutes to travel between Corolla and the mainland, the Mid-Currituck Bridge will relieve a lot of traffic tension. In fact, when the bridge is complete, it’ll take just 11 minutes to cross. Even better, the bridge will slash the average summer travel time on existing roads (from Aydlett Road to the Outer Banks’ bridge terminus) from 136 minutes to just 72 minutes.

Even more importantly, though, the bridge will substantially reduce hurricane evacuation times for people in the Outer Banks. Additionally, it’ll provide a faster route for police, fire and ambulance drivers to take during emergencies.

Where Will the Mid-Currituck Bridge Be Located?

The Mid-Currituck Bridge is designed for placement just south of the Intracoastal Waterway in Aydlett. It’ll cross both Maple Swamp and Currituck Sound, and current plans have it connecting with NC-12 about 2 miles north of the Albacore Street retail area.

Will the Bridge Feature Bicycle Access?

Both sides of the bridge will feature bicycle-safe railing, and there’s an 8-foot shoulder on each side, too. That means bicyclists can easily use the bridge to cross Currituck Sound.

How Long Will it Take to Cross the Mid-Currituck Bridge?

When the bridge is completed, it should take about 11 minutes to travel between Corolla and Outer Banks with no traffic. On summer weekends, when traffic congestion typically lasts between 13 and 15 hours, the bridge will decrease congested periods to 7 to 12 hours. Additionally, in Dare County north of Christopher Drive, there won’t be any congestion.

Are You Buying a Home in Dare County or Elsewhere in the Outer Banks?

If you’re thinking about buying a home for sale in the Outer Banks, this bridge will have a huge impact on your lifestyle. While you’re here, check out our listings using the links below. When you’re ready to see homes that meet your needs, give us a call at 252-491-3333 or contact us online.


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