How to Stage Your Home with Ideas from Houzz


Staging your home for the market will help you sell it faster and simple additions can add increased value to your home. In the thick of selling a home, staging can sometimes seem like a daunting task just to get started. One huge source of inspiration for over 25 million homeowners, designers and improvement pros is the website Houzz. It’s where people come together to transcend past conversations and methods to future innovations and ideas about what homes can be. Stop wandering your local home improvement store hoping creativity will jump out at you and check out Houzz in order to get your property ready for sale.

Search for relevant topics: It’s almost a given, but searching Houzz for staging will bring up everything from blog posts about saving money staging your home to latest industry techniques that have been proven to work. Think of questions you’d love to ask an interior designer with years of experience and search for the key words. Most likely you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for as well as real-world success stories (and photos) of people in your situation.

Ideabooks: The site features an Ideabooks resources that allows you to save photos you come across, jot down notes, or even share what you find with other people, whether that be a real estate agent helping you with your home sale or your spouse who’s helping with the transformation. If you’ve hired a professional to help along the way, share these notes of inspiration with them to help fuel a conversation and focus efforts more efficiently.

Use Photographs: One of the best aspects of the site are the photographs. You can search just about everything imaginable that’s related to home design and the results could very well surprise you and take you in a whole new and inspiring direction for staging. There are images for huge homes to tiny bungalows. And many of the photographs are well done to help you clearly visualize the space and become inspired.

Design Dilemma: If you’re working on your own or your team comes to a hurdle, crowd source your dilemmas or ideas to the Houzz community of anxious helpers. 25 million heads are most likely better than one, especially if this is your first time tackling the staging process of selling a home. People use this resource to post photos, ask questions, and send final ideas for constructive critique. It’s a way to get valuable feedback without the risk of scaring away a potential buyer.

Find Pros: If you’ve gone through the site and you’re stuck or feel overwhelmed at the amount of options to choose from and lack of time or knowledge, reach out to a professional. The ‘Find Pros’ tab will direct you to a page of over 3 million listed professionals, and not just all-around handymen or women. This feature allows you to get specific in your search, from architects to general contractors to kitchen and bathroom designers or landscapers. Search by your zip code to find someone close to you.

Staging real estate property for sellers is a key aspect of the selling process that for a small amount of effort will go a long way. Whether you’re a DIY kind of person or you don’t have the time but need a job done, Houzz will connect you with ideas and inspiration and the people who can implement them in order to boost your home’s appearance and value.

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