How to Prepare Your House for Sale in OBX: 5 Tips From the Pros

How to Prepare Your House for Sale in OBX - Sell a Home in Outer Banks

Selling a home is a big deal – and if you want to sell it quickly (and at the right price), there are a few things you can do to make it more appealing to prospective buyers. Check out these five tips from the pros to prepare your house for sale.

How to Prepare Your House for Sale in Outer Banks

When you’re selling a home, your Outer Banks REALTOR® will talk to you about getting it prepped for the market – but here’s what you can do ahead of time:

  1. Improve your landscaping
  2. Make all the necessary repairs
  3. Clean, declutter and depersonalize
  4. Set the stage for prospective buyers
  5. Add finishing touches

Here’s a closer look at each.

1. Improve your landscaping

How to Prepare Your House for Sale in OBX - Selling Real Estate in Outer Banks

Buyers start forming an impression of your home as soon as they pull up at the curb – and that means your landscaping has to look its best. Clean up the yard, cut the grass and do the edging. While you’re out there, look for patchy spots on the lawn and put down new grass seed. Also:

  • Power-wash your walkways and porch
  • Clean all your windows and make them shine
  • Consider replacing your mailbox and house numbers

2. Make all the necessary repairs

If you have a leaky faucet, a cracked tile or nail holes in your walls, now is the time to fix them. Ideally, you’ll be able to make all the necessary repairs before you even list your home for sale – that way, buyers won’t see them and form a negative impression of your home.

3. Clean, declutter and depersonalize

How to Prepare Your House for Sale in OBX - Best Ways to Attract Buyers

Before you list your home, it needs to be spotless. For many people, that means hiring a professional cleaning company to come in and do everything from the baseboards to the ceiling. If you do that, you’re free to do other things (like make repairs) – and you only need to maintain what the cleaners did while you’re house is on the market. However, you can do all the cleaning yourself. The important thing is to make sure you do a professional-level job.

You’ll also need to declutter. You want to show prospective buyers that your home has plenty of space, and that means clearing out things you don’t use. A good rule of thumb: If you haven’t used something in the past 6 months, it’s time to put it in storage, sell it or donate it.

Finally, you should depersonalize. Think about your favorite hotel; the decor is beautiful, but nondescript. That’s how your home should be. That means you should take down:

  • Family photos
  • Eclectic art
  • Anything that could be risqué
  • Religious decor
  • Collections

The point is to make your home appeal to a wide range of prospective buyers, so you should take down anything that could cause someone to form a negative impression. Replace the things you take down with neutral pieces of art, mirrors or other decor.

4. Set the stage for prospective buyers

How to Prepare Your House for Sale in OBX - Outer Banks Realty Group

Staging is incredibly important. It’s the act of setting up your home to make it more appealing. That includes things like putting a gorgeous book on the coffee table, adding a live plant to your bathroom windowsill, rearranging furniture to create more open space in a room, and adding coordinating decor to rooms. You might prop a recipe book open on your kitchen counter, right beside a basket full of fresh fruit, or you may want to add a vase of fresh flowers to your bedroom dresser.

Your REALTOR may suggest hiring a professional home stager, but even if that’s not in the cards for you, you can make your home appealing to a wide range of buyers on your own.

5. Add finishing touches

Update your window treatments, light fixtures and dated faucets if necessary. When you’re selling your home, you don’t want buyers to see anything that might make them feel like it’s dated or that makes it seem you haven’t maintained the space. Your REALTOR can walk through your home with you to make suggestions – and don’t be afraid to ask if you’re not sure about whether something looks “off.”

Are You Selling a Home in the Outer Banks?

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