How to Navigate Pinterest to Promote Your Property


With more than 70 million active users on Pinterest, Real Estate professionals should take full advantage of the social media website’s extensive reach to gain new prospects. The image-driven platform that attracts visitors to share links through enticing images is ideal for the real estate industry to encourage strangers to visit their website and transform them into leads using attractive photos. Maximize your real estate marketing with these tips to generate leads from Pinterest for your company!

Part 1: Create Custom Website Content

Publish a blog post on your website that includes helpful information and an enticing image. Then create a board on your Pinterest page to post your blog posts as individual pins. By pinning your blog posts that contain calls to action (CTAs), you will lead pinners directly to pages on your website and if they choose to follow the CTA, you will nurture them further along in the process of becoming a potential customer. Be sure the pins feature inviting pictures as that is what is seen and shared the most on Pinterest. Here are some possible blog post topics that will garner attention from buyers:

  • 5 Insider Tips to Buying a Home in [Insert Your Location]
  • How to Know Whether You’re Paying a Fair Price for a Home
  • 2015 Real Estate Marketing Trends in [Insert Your Location]

At the bottom of that blog post, include a clickable CTA graphic to invite the reader to download a free content offer, such as the following:

  • Home Buyer’s Guide to Buying a Home in [Insert Your Location]
  • Guide to Buying Your First Home in [Insert Your Location]
  • Real Estate Marketing Analysis for [Insert Your Location]

Part 2: Pin Your Content on Pinterest

Once you have created a helpful blog post with a great image and a call-to-action to download a content offer, pin that blog post on Pinterest. Pin this blog post with relevant area hashtags to encourage Pinterest users in your location to click on your pin. This will then lead the Pinterest user to the blog post on your website

Part 3: Use Relevant Keywords

Using keywords in your pin descriptions will help people find your content faster. Choose relevant words to your specific area and to the interest of the people who would most likely be interested in buying a home there and include them with hashtags to link to other content on Pinterest of the same topic. By picking words that your real estate company’s potential customers would be entering in the search bar you will increase your chances of getting found by people who are looking for your specific type of company. By targeting your audience more through keywords and hashtags, you will be more likely to convert strangers on Pinterest into home buyers and sellers.

Employing these techniques will be effective in growing your real estate company’s reach on Pinterest utilizing it as the excellent lead generator it can be!

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