How do you turn that Outer Banks lot you own into your Dream Home?


There is a dream that many people who come to the Outer Banks share, to own your own beach house.  Some people try to reach that dream by finding a piece of land that they absolutely love first.  They buy the lot with the mindset that someday they will build their dream home on the piece of land. 

Are you one of those people?  How do you turn someday into today?  Follow these simple steps to turn your piece of undeveloped Outer Banks property into the home of your dreams.

Build with an expert

Hopefully you did your homework in deciding what lot to buy.  If it is in a building development you probably won’t need to worry about accessing utilities because they will already be present.  But if you are in a remote area, outfitting your new home with water, sewer, electricity, and natural gas may be difficult and expensive.

That is why it is important to work with a builder who has expertise in building on your own lot in the area.  Then you are assured of being compliant with all codes and regulations unique to your location.  On the Outer Banks, this includes environmental protection regulations designed by the North Carolina Coastal Management Authority.

Before choosing a builder, look through all of the different design plans in their library and ask about modifications to existing plans.  But also ask to visit completed properties they built in the past.  In the offseason months on the Outer Banks this usually isn’t a problem and will give you an idea of their skills, quality of work, and attention to detail.  It will also fire up the imagination and inspire ideas on how you want your home to look.

Build With, Not Just On the Lot

Another area your builder can help you is deciding where and how to build on your land.  Perhaps there is a large tree that would be perfect to design an outdoor space around.  Or a place of higher elevation that will allow for better views.

Your builder will be able to maximize the unique topography of your surroundings to enhance the final structure.  They will also understand how the land itself may influence construction with needing special foundations or other safety features.

Build with purpose

But the most important facet of building on land you already own is knowing exactly what you want out of the property.  Is this going to be a vacation home, a rental property, or a permanent residence?  Making that decision is crucial to every other choice you will make on the home.

With a rental property focused on earning potential, you may look to maximize number of bedrooms over size.  If the property is going to be a permanent residence or personal vacation home you might only build the exact number of bedrooms you need.   

No matter which goal you have for your property, make sure everything is exactly the way you want it.  You only build your dream home once and making changes mid-construction is very expensive.  So be decisive in the beginning and pick out the right fixtures, appliances, flooring, etc. for you.

For more information on buying a second home on the Outer Banks, a money-making investment property in Corolla, or updates on the Outer Banks real estate scene and life, check out our blog.

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