Final Walk Through Checklist for New Homeowners

pexels-photo-28620A final walk-through is an inspection by the home buyers that occurs anywhere from five days to a few hours before closing. A final walk through should done to make sure that the property is in the condition that you agreed on before closing. This is when the new home buyers have the opportunity to inspect the home to ensure that all repairs have been made and nothing has gone wrong with the home since you last looked at it. You should always do a final walk through before closing to guarantee that all terms included in your contract have been met.

Typically you should do you final walk through within 24 hours of closing, you want to see the home right before closing to make sure nothing changed the condition of the home right before signing the settlement documents. Once you sign these documents, any damages to the home is your responsibility, even if it occurred before you owned the property. It is recommended that if the homeowners agreed to make repairs, you should schedule two walk through. By doing this you can review your requested repairs and make sure that you are satisfied with status of the repairs. This will give you time to negotiate a solution to any issues without delaying your settlement and closing. You still want to make sure you do a final walk through just before closing to avoid any unwanted surprises before move in day. Don’t forget to take your contract with you to refer to during your inspection. So what should you look for on your final walk through? Below are a few items to check on a final walk through.

Final Walk Through Checklist

  • Turn all light fixtures on and off and make sure no fixtures have been removed
  • Check all major appliances
  • Turn on water faucets to check for drips and leaks under sink
  • Spot check walls, ceilings, and floors for damage
  • Test heat and air conditioning by turning it on and off
  • Turn on exhaust fans and garbage disposal
  • Flush all toilets
  • Make sure all debris has been removed
  • Check garage door openers
  • Open and close all windows and doors
  • Check screens and storm windows
  • Test all outlets with an electrical tester
  • Inspect the exterior of the home
  • Make sure previous owners haven’t left items in storage areas
  • Inspect the condition of the yard

What to do if you find a problem

If you notice during your final walk through that the previous owners have not made repairs or not followed all terms of your contact, your agent should contact the seller’s agent to negotiate a solution to the problem. If you notice new issues or minor repairs, you should consider whether the problem is worth delaying your settlement. For example, a burnt out light bulb is something that can easily be fixed without disrupting your contract. However if it is a major issue and you are unsure of the extent of the problem, you should discuss your options with your trusted realtor and consider the cost to you in delaying your closing or legal fees. Your realtor will guide you through the process and determine which issues are worth pursuing and which ones shouldn’t delay your closing.

Home buyers should always perform a final walk through to ensure the property has not changed since your last visit. You also want to make sure agreed-upon repairs have been made and all terms of your contract have been met. You don’t want to spend the first few weeks in your new home making unexpected repairs. Taking the time to inspect the home before closing a good investment of your time and money.

The home buying process comes with a variety of things to keep in mind. For more information on the home buying process or on Outer Banks real estate, contact Eillu today. Our team is prepared to help you with your questions on the home buying process!

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