Expired Listing? How to Choose the Right Realtor

buying-with-eilluPutting your home on the market and signing a listing agreement with a real estate agent is very exciting and can be very stressful. However, what happens if your listing expires without you having sold your home? At this point, the professional agreement between you and your agent has come to an end, so now it’s time to examine why your home didn’t sell. You might be disappointed, but this doesn’t mean you need to take your house off the market. With an expired listing, you now have the opportunity to find the right agent to list your property and get results! So how do you choose the best realtor to represent your property?



Marketing and advertising are very important when it comes to selling your home. You should look at the strategies your former agent used to market your home, did they have a marketing plan? At Eillu, we have a dedicated marketing team that works full time to sell your property.

In today’s market, real estate companies must have a strong web presence to ensure that buyers find your home when they begin their search. Eillu’s marketing team creates a dedicated web page for your home and uses digital strategies to create a specific marketing plan to drive results. Our optimized website and inbound marketing method guarantees that your home has the highest exposure and best conditions to succeed in a competitive market.


With over 90 percent of potential buyers starting their search online, you need a real estate agent that uses leading technology. Eillu’s expert team uses the latest software to connect our agents with potential buyers from around the world. Using top real estate software, our clients have access to all documents online using their portal login to make the buying and selling process faster and more convenient. The right real estate agent understands that a strong digital marketing plan will integrate a strong website design, social media marketing, and SEO to drive website traffic into leads and sales. At Eillu, our combination of technology and marketing is the future of real estate sales on the Outer Banks.

Motivation for Selling

An experienced agent will examine your specific selling situation and reasons for selling your home. The most successful sales are highly motivated sellers that have strong reasoning behind why they are ready to move. Many homes often expire because the homeowners don’t have genuine motivation for selling their home. With the right agent and right motivations for selling a home, an agent will develop a strategic plan to get your home more exposure. At Eillu, our marketing strategy will detail particular tactics to maximize your property’s online presence and attract the right leads for your home.


At Eillu, we understand the local market and have over two decades of experience. Homeowners often believe that selling your home during a certain time of year is the best approach. But, waiting for a so called opportune time also has the costs of postponing your future.  While traditionally, more sales occur in the summer, the other seasons also have advantages.  Winter is thought to be a “bad” time to sell but selling in the winter means you will have less competition.


At Eillu, we work together to serve you and your best interests. Our agents strive to deliver above and beyond what is expected. Service to our clients is our top priority and we are always here to answer questions or listen to the client’s needs. Every home and client are different, so we develop a marketing plan to showcase why your home is unique to the local market. Real estate is more than a transaction, it’s about creating lifelong relationships. We are not only dedicated to our clients, but the entire Outer Banks community. We strive to build and maintain relationships with our clients and will be there for life’s major events.  

If you are considering selling your Outer Banks home, vacation rental or investment property; contact Eillu today to discuss your options and find out how we will showcase your home to maximize exposure and get your home sold.  Call today to see the difference Eillu makes.  Yes you can expect more with Eillu!


Yes, You Can Expect More With The Eillu Real Estate Team!

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