Community Pool vs. Private Pool, Which is Best for You?


On the Outer Banks, having access to a swimming pool can be a welcoming change from spending a day on the beach. Most people wonder why anyone would have a pool when they are so close to the beach, but a pool comes with many benefits. Even on the beautiful Outer Banks, a pool in the privacy of your home offers a place for a quick dip to beat the summer heat, a gathering place and entertainment for visitors, and you don’t have to battle with parking. The days of lugging all that beach equipment through the hot sand are over. The list of benefits to having a pool go on and on. But community pools also offer much of the same benefits without the ‘behind the scenes’ costs of maintenance and upkeep.

While there are many things to take into account, two main variables to consider about private pools are whether the home is your full-time place of residence or if you primarily rent your Outer Banks home to vacationers.

If you’re thinking about putting in a private swimming pool, the average inground pool costs about $22,000-$30,000 to install for a basic model. Just to build it. If you’re thinking about moving into a home that already has a pool (and if you’re building one) there are additional costs to consider for maintenance.

  • Filtration pump and associated costs
  • Weekly cleaning costs (yourself or hiring an outside service)
  • Annual repairs as needed
  • Pool vacuum and cleaning supplies
  • Energy cost if you’re looking to heat the pool
  • Insurance and taxes

Seems like a lot of work. But a pool can sometimes add value to your home if:

  • You live in higher-end neighborhood and most neighbors have pools.
  • Have a large enough lot so you don’t just have a pool.
  • Live in a climate that is warm year-round, or close to.

Having a pool, however, does not guarantee a return on your investment no matter where it is. There are many factors that play a role in determining the value of a pool come time to sell. The style, condition, age, upkeep, climate, are all factors that weigh on the buyer’s mind.

Vacation Rental

But what if you’re looking to buy a rental property on the Outer Banks? The climate is great nearly year-round, and there are a large number of beach vacation rental homes with pools. Purchasing an Outer Banks vacation rental home with a swimming pool can be a huge attraction for people on vacation who do not have a pool at home. In fact, for some people, the pool can be the main drawing point to rent one house over another. Typically, people who rent pools tend to have a larger number of guests, like a family reunion. A swimming pool is advantageous to a home owner if the weekly, monthly, and annual cost of upkeep can be covered in the rental costs. This includes swimming pool liability, maintenance, and insurance.

Year-round home owner

If you’re looking to relocate or purchase a home for the first time, a community pool can far outweigh the continual cost of owning a pool on your property. On top of that, it can be a huge selling point down the road because it could appeal to both people who were interested in a pool and those who definitely didn’t want one on their property because of the additional costs associated with pool ownership. A community pool is like having the best of both worlds. Add the beautiful beaches of the Outer Banks and the magnificent sunsets over the sound and you’re living the high life.

Pool ownership and getting a return on investment has too many variables to address in a broad-sweeping statement and it comes down to the owners, the location, and the perceived personal benefit of ownership.

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