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Benefits of Buying Duck Real Estate

benefits-to-buying-real-estate-in-duckBuying property on the Outer Banks is loaded with options. Each neighborhood and community hosts its own set of benefits to take into account. The town of Duck is no exception. In 2015, USA Today’s readers named Duck to their ’10 Best Coastal Small Towns.’ Duck real estate is a favorite for families who want all that the Outer Banks has to offer, and more.

Quaint Village

The town of Duck is a quaint village and residents work hard to keep it that way. Duck is an oasis between the developing area of Corolla to the north and the developed communities to the south. For most homes in Duck, the village is in walking distance and hosts everything you need from a selection of small markets for groceries, to a hardware store, a bank, and dozens of restaurants. It’s easy to spend a day shopping the outdoor farm stands in the summer and sitting on a deck with a glass of wine in the evening.

Water is Everywhere

With the Currituck Sound to the west and the Atlantic Ocean to the east, you can’t escape water in Duck. Many restaurants are strategically located on the soundside and is a perfect location to catch beautiful sunsets. There are 3 public access points in the town of Duck for canoe and kayak launches as well as larger motorized watercraft.

Beach Access

While the town of Duck has no public beach access, if you’re a resident, limited access means less crowds. The communities and developments offer beach access to residents and renters and the beaches have on-duty lifeguards throughout the summer season.

Boardwalk and Park

As if the shops and restaurants weren’t enough on their own, there’s an extensive boardwalk that runs along the sound connecting many of the businesses. Along the boardwalk surrounded by nature with an uninterrupted view of the sound, there is also an amphitheater and a performance stage in the town park that host many events during the year.

Away from Congestion

Summer months on the Outer Banks means an influx of thousands of vacationers and the town of Duck is no stranger to heavy traffic traveling to the northern beaches. However, unlike other communities in the area, you can access everything you need on foot or on bike during those weekend turnover days. Duck makes it easy to leave the car in the driveway and bypass stress as you breeze past traffic on the designated bike lanes and walking paths.

If you’re looking to purchase real estate in a quiet neighborhood on the Outer Banks with access to plenty of activities and ongoing events, the town of Duck may be the perfect fit. Of the many amenities, businesses, and an active town council, Duck is a community that thrives on neighbor relations and prides itself in remaining accessible while not becoming over developed.

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Benefits of Buying Corolla Real Estate

buying-corolla-real-estateBuying Outer Banks real estate can be an extremely profitable and rewarding experience for families looking for a beach getaway. Choosing the right town on the Outer Banks to purchase your home can be the hard part. Each town has its own allure and amenities that make living and visiting the OBX so popular. One of the most popular towns is the northern beach town of Corolla. Corolla real estate provides many with the quintessential OBX town feel loved by so many. Learn why more families are choosing Corolla to purchase a OBX beach home more than ever!

Miles of Pristine Beaches

Let’s face it: the most alluring and desirable amenity the Outer Banks has is its untamed beaches. Corolla offers some of the most untamed landscape left on the Outer Banks. Thanks to later construction and the miles of beaches preserved for the Corolla Wild Horses, Corolla has wide beachfront that give you and your family plenty of room to enjoy the nature that you fell in love with.

Feel like You’re a Thousand Miles Away

Many who are looking for a beachfront home want the home to be their oasis away from the hectic lives on the “mainland” or their perfect retirement spot. As one of the towns farthest north on the Outer Banks, Corolla offers the peace and quiet you are looking for while still having access to necessities like groceries, shopping and restaurants.

Small Town Feel

Corolla provides the perfect location to be an active member of the community. Although thousands visit the town each year, the numbers that actually live in Corolla are drastically less. The town has a close-knit community of full-time residents who participate in area activities and programs to help promote Corolla, education and preservation of wildlife. If you’re looking for slower-pace and friendly neighbors, Corolla is the perfect spot.

Excellent Rental Opportunity

Corolla has quickly become one of the most popular vacation towns on the Outer Banks. Owning a home in Corolla provides your family with the opportunity to enter a property management program and rent your home during periods where you will not be occupying the house. Corolla homes book extremely fast and often have families that become return renters each year to the home. This maximizes your return on investment and will enable you to quickly pay off your new OBX real estate.

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Outer Banks Community Programs

older-couple-bikingThe Outer Banks is known for its amazing beaches and popularity as a vacation spot for thousands, but the local community is one of the hidden gems of the sandbar. The tight-knit community contributes time and resources to keeping families and children living happy, healthy and productive lives. Community programs are often a needed item for those considering Outer Banks real estate. Here are some of the great community programs and groups your family can be a member of and participate in!

Dare County Children & Youth Partnership

This great group provides program and services desperately needed for residents of Dare County including assistance with childcare and educational programs. The group continually interacts with the community and provides events and fundraisers that boost funds to provide more man power to each program initiative within the partnership.

Outer Banks Hotline

Outer Banks Hotline provides crisis intervention, temporary shelter and prevention education to Outer Banks residents in need. The organization has created a real hotline for any person to call when they feel they are in need of assistance. The crisis hotline and the programs available are supported through various thrifts store located throughout the Outer Banks as well as events like the OBX Festival of Trees.

Jennette’s Pier

Offering a wide variety of ecological experiences, day camps, school programs and outdoor adventures, Jennette’s Pier is the perfect place for you family to visit and participate in programs. The pier is managed and maintained by full time staff, but also has volunteer opportunities for specific program needs such as ethical anglers, special activities and discovery cart volunteers.

The North Carolina Aquarium at Roanoke Island

Jennette’s Pier is a part of the North Carolina Aquarium network. If you are looking for even more opportunities to volunteer and assist with wildlife and the ecology of the Outer Banks, the North Carolina Aquarium at Roanoke Island offers the perfect opportunity! There are weekly activities that your family can participate in as well as after-hours events for donors.

The Outer Banks Community Foundation

The Outer Banks Community Foundation is a public charity that assists in helping multiple charity foundations find community members in need of assistance and provide the area with opportunities to strengthen community ties. Providing grants, scholarships and family assistance throughout Dare County, the charity has been able to help hundreds of community members gain more opportunities and education since 1982.

No matter what your family’s passion is, the Outer Banks offers the perfect place for your family to settle and be a productive member of the community!



Why You Should Purchase Kill Devil Hills Real Estate

angled-oceanfront-homes-300x199The Outer Banks offers a wide variety of options for any person looking to purchase a new beach home. With so many towns to choose form on the Outer Banks real estate market, it is important to find the perfect one for you and your family. Kill Devil Hills offers a unique experience of community atmosphere, history and of course the famous OBX beaches. Find out why so many families are choosing to purchase their OBX real estate in Kill Devil Hills!

History Surrounding Your Home

Owning a home in Kill Devil Hills means you live in a town with a rich history. Whether you are interested in maritime history or the birth of aviation, Kill Devil Hills is filled with folklore and museums for your family to enjoy. The Wright Brothers National Memorial is located in Kill Devil Hills, near where the First Flight occurred and the birth of aviation began.

Centrally Located Commerce

One of the biggest benefits of living in Kill Devil Hills is easy access to necessities like grocery stores, shopping, restaurants, medical care and government offices. Many of the needed central offices are located in Kill Devil Hills making it easier for all to do items like pay taxes and apply for permits.

Top Ranked Education

Dare County’s First Flight Schools are centrally located in Kill Devil Hills next to the Wright Memorial. These schools have consistently ranked as some of the top in the state and have strong extra-curricular programs including sports, clubs and community outreach.

Local Cuisine Everyone Will Love

Kill Devil Hills has a wide variety of cuisine options that will pique the appetite of your entire family. Whether you are looking for a five-star dining experience like Colington Café or the local-small business feel like Food Dudes Kitchen, Kill Devil Hills has that and everything in between. Many of the participants in Taste of the Beach, a local cuisine competition, call the town home.

Everyone’s Favorite-The Beach

Nearly all of us fall in love with the Outer Banks for the same reason: the beautiful beaches. Kill Devil Hills offers miles of beautiful beachfront that is perfect for finding sea glass, surfing or enjoying some beach driving in the offseason. No matter what you favorite ocean activity is, Kill Devil Hill’s beaches are perfect for any activity.

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4 Reasons Families Choose Nags Head Real Estate

The Outer Banks is loved by millions across the United States and more are choosing the beach life for their full-time residence. hether your home full-time or an Outer Banks investment property, each person has their own favorite town. When buyers begin their search on the Outer Banks, Nags Head real estate is usually one of the most popular spots to own a home for many great reasons. Here are some great reasons why you should consider Nags Head when purchasing an Outer Banks beachfront property.

Get in Touch with Nature

From oceanfront to soundside, Nags head offers homeowners some of the best chances to enjoy the great outdoors. Miles of pristine beaches and waves built for surf competitions await your family on the oceanfront. Head over to soundside and enjoy a stroll through Nags Head Woods and keep an eye out for some awesome wildlife. Finish your soundside adventure with a visit to Jockey’s Ridge and enjoy some water activities at the public beach access.

Quick Access to Classic Outer Banks Spots

No matter what your favorite part of the Outer Banks is, it is very likely one of those is in Nags Head. The town holds many OBX historic staples, including Jockey’s Ridge, Whalebone Junction, Nags Head Pier, Outer Banks Fishing Pier and restaurants like Owen’s and Fishheads. Nags Head was one of the first towns established on the Outer Banks and holds a rich cultural experience for all who are looking to find some OBX history in their backyard.

Access to Healthcare Facilities and Award-Winning Schools

Nags Head plays home to many healthcare facilities as well as some of the best schools in North Carolina. Your family has easy access to nearly ever doctor that may be needed and you will have the peace of mind that your family will stay healthy and be provided with a great education system.

Strong Local Ties

Nags Head is home to many full-time residents and has a small town feel throughout the year. Locals that are the backbone of the Outer Banks call this town home for the same reasons you wish to call it home. The community has many events and organizations that you and your family can join to make friends in the area and be active in forging the Outer Banks’ future for years to come.

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Benefits to Choosing an OBX HOA Community

Buying an Outer Banks beach home is rewarding and provides great opportunities for your family to enjoy the beaches year-round. There are a wide variety of OBX real estate properties available to choose from and deciding on the perfect one for you can be difficult. One of the options available is choosing a home in an HOA community. Not sure if this is the best choice for you? Here are some of the benefits of OBX HOA communities!

Maintain Your Property from Far Away

If you are using your Outer Banks home as an income property, it will be difficult for you to dedicate the time needed to upkeep of the home. Choosing a home that is located within an HOA community ensures that things like lawn care, landscaping and even power washing of your home are maintained on a regular basis. When items break in the home, many HOAs will help fix the issue or call in someone who can. This will give you peace of mind and maintain your income property so it rents for the maximum weeks. Paying into an HOA helps ensure extra costs are not allocated to your home.

Attractive Amenities

Many HOA communities offer enticing amenities such as swimming pools, hot tubs, basketball courts and other activities for homeowners and vacationers. This helps you promote your home as a great vacation spot because renters will have easy access to these items, but it is not something you will have to manage. Having a backyard pool is fun, but maintaining the pool and dealing with any accidents along the way can add up. HOA amenities leave the responsibility to a community manager and saves you money in the long run.

Security for Your Home

Many HOA communities offer neighborhood watches, security guards, entrance gates and other security features that will give you peace of mind when you are away from your home. These extra features are an additional marketing tool your home will have in the vacation rental industry, making your home more rentable and can even boost your rental price.

Gain a Sense of Community

Living in a HOA community gives you the ability to get to know your neighbors when homes are not rented for vacationers. You can make new friends and enjoy the amenities you deserve together. Families can visit together and create the beach family feel that so many dream of when thinking of the Outer Banks.

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4 Reasons Families Love Living on the Outer Banks



The Outer Banks has been a popular family vacation area for decades. Now families are flocking to live on the Outer Banks year-round. Living on the Outer Banks is different from visiting the Outer Banks in some ways. Priorities are different and the lifestyle is a little slower-paced. Although there are differences, many vacationers and homeowners do share some favorite things about the Outer Banks. These are some of the reasons why families are choosing Outer Banks real estate for their full-time home.

Get in Touch with Nature

The Outer Banks offers one of the most diverse habitats in the state of North Carolina. Miles of coastline and its unique shape have blessed the area with an abundance of plants, animals and a unique climate. Thousands of birds migrate to and through the Outer Banks, making the beaches and shoreline a birder’s paradise. The counties, state and federal government have created many trails that you can walk, bike and sightsee from. No matter what your favorite part of nature is, the Outer Banks likely offers an adventure for you.

Discover History Daily

The Outer Banks has played an integral role in the early colonization of the Americas and continues to shape history today. Our land was the home of the Lost Colony and the birth of the first American-born child, Virginia Dare. The famous pirate, Blackbeard, spent years prowling the coasts of the Outer Banks and had his last stand near Ocracoke Island. The Banker ponies of Corolla and Carova have lived on the beaches of the Outer Banks since the 1500’s and the origins of how they arrived are debated even today. Arguably the greatest historical event to occur was the First Flight of Wilbur and Orville Wright, sending the world into the age of aviation. All of this history is at your front door when you live on the Outer Banks.

Strong Community Atmosphere

Although the Outer Banks is primarily known as a vacation destination, thousands call the Outer Banks home year-round. The community is known for its strength and wide variety of activities on the Outer Banks. The school systems are regularly ranked among the best in the state and boast a healthcare system that is prepared to handle any situation. No matter what portion of community life you desire, the Outer Banks has it for you.

The Beach!

We all love the Outer Banks for many reasons, but the most popular reason is usually the beaches. Living on the Outer Banks ensures that your family is a short distance from the beach no matter where you live. Summer breaks can be filled with weekend beach adventures and beachcombing can be a daily family activity.

These are just a few reasons why the Outer Banks is so popular for beach real estate. Learn more about homes that are available at

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What to Look for in an Existing OBX Home

outer-banks-homes-real-estateLiving on the Outer Banks is a dream for many visitors and more people than ever are choosing to purchase real estate on the Outer Banks. Although new construction is popular among buyers, space is limited on the Outer Banks and more are choosing to purchase existing homes to maximize their purchasing value. There are many considerations when finding your perfect second home, investment property or full-time residence. Here are some things to consider when you look for your perfect OBX home!

Location, Location, Location

If you are planning to use your new home as an investment property, location will be critical to rental success.  Vacationers love to be on or near the beach to make their experience fun and easy. Owning a home on the beachside becomes more important. If your home will be mostly for your family’s use, homes that are soundside often sell for lower prices and still offer easy access to everything you love about the Outer Banks!

Building Structure

When looking at existing homes, a home inspection is an absolute necessity for buyers.  Making sure your potential home meets building codes and standards can not only give you peace of mind, but help lower your insurance rates. Homes that were built in decades past may sit below the flood plain and have higher insurance rates. Check with your home inspector regarding this issue as well as town requirements.

Size of Home

Choosing the right size home can help make your family vacations more pleasant. Owning an Outer Banks home usually means lots of visitors and being able to accommodate them is essential to everyone’s fun. Having 1-2 extra bedrooms can help you handle unexpected and large groups of guests with ease.

Tricky Updates

If you are looking for a fixer upper, consult with the town the home is located in as well as a contractor. Renovations and additions must meet town and county standards and may have additional paperwork and other requirements to meet specific to this area. Consulting with area professionals is advised to save you time, money and headache throughout the entire process. If you are looking at a small lot that only allows you to build up it is advised to meet with the town specifically about maximum height requirements if the home is near the beach road.

These things to consider can help narrow your home search down to the ideal homes for you. Have more questions about Outer Banks real estate? Contact Eillu and start accomplishing the OBX beach dream!

Tips for Buying a Home on the Outer Banks

outer-banks-buying-tipsThe Outer Banks of North Carolina offers award-winning beaches, great outdoor activities and a rich community culture beloved by all. It is very easy to fall in love with the Outer Banks lifestyle. Visiting the Outer Banks makes for a great vacation with the family, but owning and/or living on the Outer Banks is different. There are many aspects to consider when purchasing a home on the Outer Banks. Check out these tips for buying your next home on the Outer Banks of North Carolina.

Will this home be a vacation home or a permanent residence? Determining if you wish to use this home primarily as a vacation rental, a family vacation spot or a permanent residence, will help specify what type of home you wish to purchase on the beach.

If your home will primarily be a vacation rental that is put into a property management program you will likely be interested in larger, oceanfront homes. These homes allow for larger groups to stay and often bring in more revenue.

If this home will be your personal family’s vacation home, you will want to consider what you enjoy the most about the Outer Banks and the number of family members that come on vacation regularly. Homes that have larger bedrooms may be more accommodating because the rooms can accommodate more beds and futons.

If this home will be your permanent residence you will wish to consider if you want to live oceanfront around vacation homes that ebb and flow with occupation or soundside where more long-term residents tend to reside.

What town do you wish to live in? Each town on the Outer Banks has its own personality and feel. Depending on your priorities, the town that you find to be the best will differ from others. If you are looking for seclusion and a quieter area, the northern beaches of Duck, Corolla and Carova may be a great it for your home. If you wish to have great beaches, but still be in the center of community life, Kitty Hawk, Kill Devil Hills or Nags Head may be the best option.

Consider community and school systems. Although you may wish for the quiet seclusion of the northern beaches, other stipulations may change your idea of the perfect town. Dare County has an amazing school system that is one of the best in the state. With that said, the schools are all located in Kitty Hawk, Kill Devil Hills, Nags Head and Manteo. Those who live in Duck and Corolla face a long drive to school if they have children living permanently on the Outer Banks. If you wish to be a member of community leagues and recreation, living more centralized on the Outer Banks is more prudent.

Be sure to have a qualified home inspection. No matter who you pick as your real estate agent and broker, be sure to ask for a home inspection. Home regulations have changed tremendously in the last twenty years in Dare County and making sure you purchase a home up to code is critical. These home inspections will check for storm damage and any other construction issues as well. You as the buyer need to know of these issues before purchasing the home. This can save thousands of dollars in the long run.

Check state, county and town tax, and utility prices: Have your agent provide you with statistics about what taxes and utilities will be for the home you wish to purchase. These prices can vary from town to town. Knowing these costs ahead of time can prepare you for added yearly costs.

Use some of these tips to narrow your home search and quickly find your ideal home on the Outer Banks of North Carolina!

Why Buy Your Outer Banks Home with Eillu

why-buy-obx-eilluThe Outer Banks of North Carolina offer a beach paradise accessible to all. Many visitors come to the Outer Banks and fall in love with its beauty, nature and activities. Visitors fall in love and yearn for a house of their own on the barrier islands. Thousands of homes are bought and sold on the Outer Banks each year. Finding the right company and agent to search for your perfect Outer Banks home is critical to a successful home search. Luckily, Eillu is here for your home search success. Find out why you should buy your home with Eillu here.

Local Experience: Our team of experts has more than 50 years of combined experience as active members of the Outer Banks real estate industry. The agents know the area and market from Corolla down to Manteo. Having a company and agent that can answer questions about the area, community life and institutions can make the home search process easier by dialing into exactly what is important to you and your family.

Large Variety of Listings: Our company and agents have access to one of the largest lists of available homes on the Outer Banks. No matter if you are looking for a small cottage or a multi-family oceanfront home, our listings have it all…and YOU will have access to this list 24-7 online.

Agents Who are Focused on You: Thanks to our strong marketing and technology software, agents are able to thoroughly focus on your home search and needs. Our agents can put more time and effort into finding the home that meets all of your needs and can alleviate any pain points you may have about the home search, buying and closing processes. Customer Service is our highest priority.

Buying and Closing Documentation Made Easy: Many potential homeowners do not live near the Outer Banks, making it difficult to sign papers in person. Other technologies such as fax are slow and outdated. Eillu uses integrated technology that allows agents, buyers and sellers to access the needed documentation to buy and close on a home remotely at lightning-fast speeds.

Highly Trained Agents: Our agents are required to train, become certified, and stay up-to-date on the latest technologies at Eillu and in the real estate, marketing and technology industries. This benefits you as a buyer by giving you a highly trained resource at your service.

These are just a few reasons why Eillu is above par in the real estate industry. Have more questions about our philosophy and more benefits to buying with Eillu? Contact us at



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