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Outer Banks Community Programs

older-couple-bikingThe Outer Banks is known for its amazing beaches and popularity as a vacation spot for thousands, but the local community is one of the hidden gems of the sandbar. The tight-knit community contributes time and resources to keeping families and children living happy, healthy and productive lives. Community programs are often a needed item for those considering Outer Banks real estate. Here are some of the great community programs and groups your family can be a member of and participate in!

Dare County Children & Youth Partnership

This great group provides program and services desperately needed for residents of Dare County including assistance with childcare and educational programs. The group continually interacts with the community and provides events and fundraisers that boost funds to provide more man power to each program initiative within the partnership.

Outer Banks Hotline

Outer Banks Hotline provides crisis intervention, temporary shelter and prevention education to Outer Banks residents in need. The organization has created a real hotline for any person to call when they feel they are in need of assistance. The crisis hotline and the programs available are supported through various thrifts store located throughout the Outer Banks as well as events like the OBX Festival of Trees.

Jennette’s Pier

Offering a wide variety of ecological experiences, day camps, school programs and outdoor adventures, Jennette’s Pier is the perfect place for you family to visit and participate in programs. The pier is managed and maintained by full time staff, but also has volunteer opportunities for specific program needs such as ethical anglers, special activities and discovery cart volunteers.

The North Carolina Aquarium at Roanoke Island

Jennette’s Pier is a part of the North Carolina Aquarium network. If you are looking for even more opportunities to volunteer and assist with wildlife and the ecology of the Outer Banks, the North Carolina Aquarium at Roanoke Island offers the perfect opportunity! There are weekly activities that your family can participate in as well as after-hours events for donors.

The Outer Banks Community Foundation

The Outer Banks Community Foundation is a public charity that assists in helping multiple charity foundations find community members in need of assistance and provide the area with opportunities to strengthen community ties. Providing grants, scholarships and family assistance throughout Dare County, the charity has been able to help hundreds of community members gain more opportunities and education since 1982.

No matter what your family’s passion is, the Outer Banks offers the perfect place for your family to settle and be a productive member of the community!



4 Reasons Families Choose Nags Head Real Estate

The Outer Banks is loved by millions across the United States and more are choosing the beach life for their full-time residence. hether your home full-time or an Outer Banks investment property, each person has their own favorite town. When buyers begin their search on the Outer Banks, Nags Head real estate is usually one of the most popular spots to own a home for many great reasons. Here are some great reasons why you should consider Nags Head when purchasing an Outer Banks beachfront property.

Get in Touch with Nature

From oceanfront to soundside, Nags head offers homeowners some of the best chances to enjoy the great outdoors. Miles of pristine beaches and waves built for surf competitions await your family on the oceanfront. Head over to soundside and enjoy a stroll through Nags Head Woods and keep an eye out for some awesome wildlife. Finish your soundside adventure with a visit to Jockey’s Ridge and enjoy some water activities at the public beach access.

Quick Access to Classic Outer Banks Spots

No matter what your favorite part of the Outer Banks is, it is very likely one of those is in Nags Head. The town holds many OBX historic staples, including Jockey’s Ridge, Whalebone Junction, Nags Head Pier, Outer Banks Fishing Pier and restaurants like Owen’s and Fishheads. Nags Head was one of the first towns established on the Outer Banks and holds a rich cultural experience for all who are looking to find some OBX history in their backyard.

Access to Healthcare Facilities and Award-Winning Schools

Nags Head plays home to many healthcare facilities as well as some of the best schools in North Carolina. Your family has easy access to nearly ever doctor that may be needed and you will have the peace of mind that your family will stay healthy and be provided with a great education system.

Strong Local Ties

Nags Head is home to many full-time residents and has a small town feel throughout the year. Locals that are the backbone of the Outer Banks call this town home for the same reasons you wish to call it home. The community has many events and organizations that you and your family can join to make friends in the area and be active in forging the Outer Banks’ future for years to come.

Ready to learn more about Nags Head real estate? Contact Eillu and see what is available for your perfect home!





Best Fishing Spots on the Outer Banks

kayak-fishingMany anglers purchase Outer Banks real estate to have a place where they can easily catch the big one. Luckily, all of the Outer Banks is known for its amazing fishing. Although you have a great chance of catching the big one throughout the Outer Banks, there are certain spots where you have a better chance of hooking your fish story. Here are some of the most popular spots for fishing on the Outer Banks.

Avalon Pier

One of the newest piers on the Outer Banks, Avalon Pier offers a central location for anglers on the Outer Banks as well as spectacular views. The 696ft pier allows you to fish the shallows or walk farther out onto the pier to deeper waters. This pier offers the best of both worlds providing anglers with the opportunity to catch a wide variety of fish.

Nags Head Pier

Looking for a place to fish near your Nags Head real estate property? Nags Head Fishing Pier offers the perfect place for a family to enjoy a day of fishing! As one of the oldest piers on the beach, generations of families have enjoyed the abundant fishing on and near the pier. Grab breakfast at the Pier House Restaurant and prepare for a day of casting your reel. After your day of fishing, have some adult time at Captain Andy’s Bar & Grill and enjoy a famous Orange Crush on the oceanfront.

Manteo Waterfront

Try some local soundside fishing in the town of Manteo! The soundside offers an opportunity to cast for a different variety of fish including flounder, rock, spot and more. The waterfront offers many places where you can cast your reel and have easy access to other activities for the family all in one spot. This gives anglers the ability to spend time chasing the fish without keeping the family waiting as well. With shops, restaurants and adventures all nearby, the entire family will enjoy this quaint fishing experience.

Cape Hatteras National Seashore

Create the ultimate beach day for the family by driving to Cape Hatteras National Seashore for a day of beach fishing. Hatteras beaches spread for miles and offer you and your family plenty of space to roam and try other activities such as surfing, SUP, or beach games like cornhole. Pack a family lunch, load up the car and enjoy the sun on Cape Hatteras!

These are just a few great places to fish on the Outer Banks. No matter where you are considering an OBX real estate purchase, you will be able to fish easily and catch some great fish stories!



Upcoming OBX Spring Events Any Local will Love


Living on the Outer Banks offers a great opportunity for your family and friends to attend many of the great OBX events loved by vacationers. Owning Outer Banks real estate allows you to pick and choose the perfect events to attend that fit into your schedule. Whether you enjoy great music, family fun or seafood, the Outer Banks has many events that you will enjoy attending when owning OBX real estate.

Kelly’s St. Patrick’s Day Celebration

May the luck of the Irish be with you! Join OBX locals and Kelly’s Restaurant and Tavern on March 15th for the annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade and Irish Celebration. Line the streets of Nags Head and enjoy the floats and parade walkers as they celebrate the day. Grab some candy from the walkers and see spectacular cars and bands. After the parade, make your way over the Kelly’s Restaurant for the biggest St. Patrick’s Day Celebration on the beach filled with food and beverages for all to partake!

OBX Taste of the Beach

Calling all foodies! Taste of the beach includes 4 days of food, drink and fun on the beach. Visit restaurants for special tastings and receive discounts of restaurants during the week. Try each restaurant’s signature dishes and vote for the best restaurants in each category. Taste of the beach occurs from Thursday, March 19th through Sunday March 22nd. Combine this event with St. Patrick’s Day for a week of fun!

Fly into Spring and Easter Eggstravaganza

Join the Kitty Hawk Kites team for a weekend of high-flying kites and spring fun. On Friday April 3rd and Saturday April 4th make your way to Jockey’s Ridge for kite flying on the sand dunes and fly your own kites alongside large show kites. Cross the walkway to the Kitty Hawk Kites store and partake in one of the biggest Easter Egg Hunts on the Outer Banks! Don’t forget your camera and snap a picture of your family with the Easter Bunny who will be making a special appearance!

First Flight 5k and Flying Pirate Half Marathon

If you are a runner, the Outer Banks offers the perfect combination of running conditions and scenery. Join in the running fun by signing up for the First Flight 5k and the Flying Pirate Half Marathon. Offering a wide variety of races for all ages, this event has become extremely popular for runners and sightseers alike. Join in the fun at the Wright Brothers National Memorial April 18th and 19th.

These are just a few events occurring on the beach this year. Check back for more events that you and your family will love!

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4 Reasons Families Love Living on the Outer Banks



The Outer Banks has been a popular family vacation area for decades. Now families are flocking to live on the Outer Banks year-round. Living on the Outer Banks is different from visiting the Outer Banks in some ways. Priorities are different and the lifestyle is a little slower-paced. Although there are differences, many vacationers and homeowners do share some favorite things about the Outer Banks. These are some of the reasons why families are choosing Outer Banks real estate for their full-time home.

Get in Touch with Nature

The Outer Banks offers one of the most diverse habitats in the state of North Carolina. Miles of coastline and its unique shape have blessed the area with an abundance of plants, animals and a unique climate. Thousands of birds migrate to and through the Outer Banks, making the beaches and shoreline a birder’s paradise. The counties, state and federal government have created many trails that you can walk, bike and sightsee from. No matter what your favorite part of nature is, the Outer Banks likely offers an adventure for you.

Discover History Daily

The Outer Banks has played an integral role in the early colonization of the Americas and continues to shape history today. Our land was the home of the Lost Colony and the birth of the first American-born child, Virginia Dare. The famous pirate, Blackbeard, spent years prowling the coasts of the Outer Banks and had his last stand near Ocracoke Island. The Banker ponies of Corolla and Carova have lived on the beaches of the Outer Banks since the 1500’s and the origins of how they arrived are debated even today. Arguably the greatest historical event to occur was the First Flight of Wilbur and Orville Wright, sending the world into the age of aviation. All of this history is at your front door when you live on the Outer Banks.

Strong Community Atmosphere

Although the Outer Banks is primarily known as a vacation destination, thousands call the Outer Banks home year-round. The community is known for its strength and wide variety of activities on the Outer Banks. The school systems are regularly ranked among the best in the state and boast a healthcare system that is prepared to handle any situation. No matter what portion of community life you desire, the Outer Banks has it for you.

The Beach!

We all love the Outer Banks for many reasons, but the most popular reason is usually the beaches. Living on the Outer Banks ensures that your family is a short distance from the beach no matter where you live. Summer breaks can be filled with weekend beach adventures and beachcombing can be a daily family activity.

These are just a few reasons why the Outer Banks is so popular for beach real estate. Learn more about homes that are available at

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Top 8 Reasons Why People Love to Live on the Outer Banks

why-live-on-outer-banksThe Outer Banks of North Carolina has been a popular vacation destination for decades. Thousands visit every year to enjoy a week of fun in the sun away from the hustle and bustle of daily life. The Outer Banks is not just a vacation spot, however, as Dare County consists of more than 40,000 full-time residents who call the Outer Banks home.

This number is steadily growing as potential home owners continue to see the benefits of an Outer Banks lifestyle. Are you considering buying your next home on the Outer Banks? Check out these 10 reasons why people love to live on the beautiful barrier islands:

  1. The Beach-This is probably the most obvious reason why many love the Outer Banks. Dare County offers access to miles of pristine beaches that are great for both recreation and relaxation. It does not matter if you prefer to surf or beachcomb, the Outer Banks has you covered.
  2. Nature-The Outer Banks has many nature preserves, as well as the Cape Hatteras National Seashore. Residents have access to these preserves and are able to use them for recreational purposes all year long. Corolla, NC is known for its wild Banker Horses that roam the area. The Outer Banks also has an abundance of wildlife including a vast variety of migratory birds.
  3. The Fishing-Anglers adore the Outer Banks and its multitude of fish. From the sound to the sea there are thousands of fish awaiting fisherman. The Outer Banks has many fishing charters available at Oregon Inlet and in Hatteras Village for off-shore fishing fans. Dolphin fish, Tuna, Drum, Marlin and many others are brought in on a daily basis.
  4. The History-The Outer Banks was explored as early as the 1500’s and has been inhabited ever since. The coastline has been named the “Graveyard of the Atlantic” because of the many shipwrecks that have occurred off the coast. Famous historical persons of note include Virginia Dare, Sir Walter Raleigh, Blackbeard and the Wright Brothers. The Outer Banks also has many museums and monuments dedicated to the history and culture of the area, available for all to explore.
  5. The Seclusion-Many wish to escape the hustle and bustle of urban life by living on the Outer Bank. Although the Outer Banks is a popular tourist spot in the summer, it is easy to get around and still maintains a slower-paced lifestyle. The offseason offers desolate beaches for activities within a small-niche community.
  6. Community Life– Dare county is extremely active, as there is an abundance of recreation teams, charities, events and a strong Chamber of Commerce that promotes and supports businesses in the area. If one wishes to be involved in the community, there is a wide variety of ways to choose from.
  7. School Systems-Dare & Currituck County Schools are among the best in the State of North Carolina. The county has high test passing rates, a strong club program, and heavily supported sports teams. Any child that attends a Dare or Currituck County School is likely to be prepared for success.
  8. Growing Economy: Dare and Currituck Counties both are seeing growth due to more permanent residents calling the area home. The number of seasonal residents during the “on” season is growing each year, while the off season is simultaneously beginning to see less of a decline in people, due to more jobs being held all year long.

These are just a few of the reasons why residents love the Outer Banks and choose to call it home. Want to learn more about living full-time on the Outer Banks? Contact Eillu at 252-491-9999.

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