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The Internet has changed Real Estate, but the industry has been slow to adapt. Over 98% of home buyers start their own search online. They are more informed and knowledgeable when they approach a Real Estate Agent. Just recently, in other major markets, some real estate agencies are beginning to adjust the traditional commission model.

Technology has provided efficiencies and more Associates are working remotely to lower space cost. At Eillu, we have invested in technology and process improvements and pass the saving onto you, the buyer, with a “rebate” at closing. While the buyer is more empowered than ever before, our sales associates are by your side as a trusted advisor every step of the way.

We are a Tech Enabled Boutique Real Estate Brokerage Changing the Industry for the Benefit of Buyers, Sellers, Brokers and the Community

10% Rebate
up to $5k


Full Service Representation

We are changing the typical real estate model based on high commissions. Most of our agents are full time employees that totally focus on customer service, not commissions. Our Associates are more loyal and their additional compensation is based on customer satisfaction bonus, not the value of the deal.

We are Committed to Long Term Relationships with our Customers and Associates

Working with an Eillu buyer agent will save you money. Typically, the seller pays the real estate commission of 6%; with half going to listing agent and half to buyers agent.

Our Buyers Associates provide first-class service. We will help you with every item just like before. We are not cutting corners to save money but utilize technology and efficient processes to save money for our buyers.

Buyers who use an Eillu Associate receive 10% of the Buyers agent fee paid at closing—up to $5,000. The rebate applies for purchases equal to or over $300,000.  It’s our way of saying thanks and getting you off to a good start in your new home. Those savings can help pay for closing costs or other improvements you want to do. It’s your money, use it as you wish.

See the chart below to see how much you can walk away with from the closing table by using an Eillu Associate:

Eillu Real Estate Buyers Save Rebate Chart

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