Benefits of a Home Inspection for Buyers

buyersPurchasing a new home can be a very exciting but stressful time for all involved. Finding the perfect home that meets the wants and needs of you and your family is top priority. With that said, finding any issues with the home should be a primary concern as well. Purchasing a home is a great commitment; knowing and understanding your investment can be easily reached by including a home inspection in the contract or purchasing a home inspection for the home. Not sure why this home inspection is so important? Here are some of the benefits of having a home inspection for your next home purchase.

Determine Safety Issues

Purchasing a new home is a large investment, often for decades to come. Before finalizing this purchase you will want to know that the home is safe from any issues such as incorrectly wired electrical systems, lead in the home, or other regulated issues. Knowing this information before closing allows you to the option to renegotiate to have the issues fixed or to lower the purchasing cost. No owner wants to find these issues ten to twenty years down the road when a home inspection could have provided you this information up front.

Checks for Water Intrusion and Construction Issues

Home inspections do not just check for visible issues, the inspector will check under the home and within walls for issues such as water intrusion or structural damage as well. This often cannot be seen from the naked eye, but these issues are extremely serious and need to be known before purchasing the home. Water damage can cause mold problems in walls and diminish the foundation structure. Both can be very dangerous and be very expensive to alleviate.

Checks for HVAC Issues

Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning are important to the comfort of your home, especially if you live in warmer or colder climates. Having an HVAC system that cools and heats properly and delivers this air throughout the home is critical to home comfort. If there are issues with these items they can be brought to the attention of the realtor and owner and some type of compensation can be discussed.

Can Bring to Broker to Prove the Home is a Good Investment

If you are in the process of attaining the purchasing amount for the home, a home inspection can be brought to your broker as proof of the sound investment the home will make.  This added confidence may help ensure the broker and bank that providing the purchasing cost for the home to you is a sound investment for their business.

Inspection Report Can Benefit Home Insurance Coverage

If the home has a “clean bill of health” the insurance company will not have to consider pre-existing issues with the home.  If the home is currently up to code for the area, this often drops the insurance price dramatically. For example, if you are purchasing a home on the Outer Banks, a home that has been lifted on pilings to the designated height for the area will be less of a risk for insurance companies than a home at ground level will.

Home Inspections can provide you the peace of mind you deserve while keeping money in your pocket in the long run. For more information on home inspections, contact Eillu at 252-491-9999.

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