7 Reasons Why Your Home is Not Selling

buying-a-vacation-homeWaiting for your house to sell can be a stressful time especially if it is preventing you from moving. If your house has been sitting on the market for months with little activity than there may be a one or more things holding it back from selling. No matter the market, it’s very important to position your home to sell.  So why isn’t your home selling? Below are seven reasons that might be preventing your home from selling!


Determining the best listing price is one of the most important aspects of selling your home. You love your home so it’s common for homeowners to expect their home will sell for premium price no matter the condition. When prices are trending higher, homeowners may feel comfortable pushing the listing price, but this can cost you prospective buyers. It is essential to get an analysis of the local market, specific trend data, and a list of comparable properties. You should be certain of the value of your home and price it accordingly.


If you are planning on listing your home at full price than it needs to be in excellent condition. Your home’s amenities should be comparable to other properties in the same price range. Buyers still want the most for their money so you shouldn’t only base your price on your home’s square footage. Upgrading certain amenities like lighting fixtures, door handles, and ceilings fans can make a huge impact. When asking full price you should be prepared to get your house in the condition that warrants it.  The homes curb appeal must meet buyers’ expectations or you will lose the sale before they even walk in the door.

Fixer Upper

You may see endless potential in your home, but that doesn’t guarantee buyers will feel the same away. Many buyers are looking for homes that are move in ready and don’t require repairs. Although the home’s repair may be minor, buyers can lose interest just based on the appearance alone. If you aren’t planning on putting any more money into the home, then selling the home at a discounted price is the most realistic option.

For Sale by Owner

Deciding on selling your home without a real estate agent can present several disadvantages. Your home won’t be listed on MLS, which can prevent agents from finding your home to show their clients. Many agents can lose interest in showing your home because they will not receive commission. If your home isn’t selling then it’s time to try selling with a real estate agent.

Bad Photos

With most buyers starting their search online it’s extremely important to have high quality photos. The photos on any websites that showcase your home are buyers’ first impressions – they are everything. You should make your home look as attractive as possible, which means staging is critical. You should remove all clutter, deep clean, and have plenty of lighting. Buyer’s want to see as much of the home as possible online so the more quality photos the better.


Yes you love your animals, but they can change the odor of your home. You might have grown accustom to your home’s odor, but it can affect how a potential buyer might view your property. If you want to sell your home for a good price than you need to address any pet odor. Luckily, there are many solutions to fixing this problem. You can clean the carpets, open windows, wash fabrics, and replace anything that can’t be cleaned. Once you have eliminated the odor, you can start the showing of your home. Your pet should not be present when buyers are seeing the house.


A well planned strategic marketing plan can play a major role in selling your home. Adding virtual tours, videos, and pictures on multiple social media sites can make a major difference!  The real estate industry is intertwined with technology so choosing an agent that has a strong web presence is highly beneficial. Using digital strategies like content marketing, blogging, and email marketing can increase exposure of your home. Creating a strategic plan that intertwines technology and marketing will create the best conditions for your home to succeed in a market.

If you are considering selling your Outer Banks home, vacation rental or investment property; contact Eillu today to discuss your options and find out how we will showcase your home to maximize exposure and get your home sold.  Call today to see the difference Eillu makes.  Yes you can expect more with Eillu!


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