5 Things You Should Do Before Move-In Day



Moving into a house is an exciting experience for any new homeowner. Whether you have just purchased your first house or are relocating to a new area, the home buying process can be a new adventure. There are key things to keep in mind prior to moving into a new house. Check out the list below for advice on purchasing and moving into your new home!

  • Create a savings plan and a budget. Before moving into a new house, develop a plan for the mortgage payments and ongoing expenses that you will be making once you officially purchase the house. A budget will help to keep you on track and determined based on your lifestyle. While creating the budget, other expenses to factor in include insurance, water bill, groceries, transportation, and food expenses. Being prepared will help make the move an easier transition.
  • Work with an experienced real estate agent or team. Eillu consists of a team of professionals on the Outer Banks, and our team is ready to help you with your Outer Banks real estate needs. Real estate agents are experienced in the local area, know the entire home buying process, and are able to assist you along the way with any purchasing questions.
  • Make sure your address and documents have been changed and that you inform the appropriate entities, such as schools or banks that your address has changed. Help make the transition easier and ensure that all of your mail is coming to the right address to avoid complications. At the same time, prepare to transfer household utilities to your new home to prevent electricity delays.
  • Research your new home and the community that will be relocating to. Also get to know your new neighbors and the features of your new neighborhood. If you’re moving into a completely new town, learn about where important places are located, such as the grocery stores, department stores, and hospitals.
  • Create a packing plan to help you stay organized throughout your move. Have several boxes set aside and labeled for essential items that you will need immediately. The basics should be in a handy location to make the process go smoothly. Clean your old house and discard items that no longer serve a purpose at the new house. Make sure the new house is move-in ready so you can start fresh and have a successful move in day.

The home buying process comes with a variety of things to keep in mind. For more information on the home buying process or on Outer Banks real estate, contact Eillu today. Our team is prepared to help you with your questions on the home buying process!


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