4 Reasons Families Love Living on the Outer Banks



The Outer Banks has been a popular family vacation area for decades. Now families are flocking to live on the Outer Banks year-round. Living on the Outer Banks is different from visiting the Outer Banks in some ways. Priorities are different and the lifestyle is a little slower-paced. Although there are differences, many vacationers and homeowners do share some favorite things about the Outer Banks. These are some of the reasons why families are choosing Outer Banks real estate for their full-time home.

Get in Touch with Nature

The Outer Banks offers one of the most diverse habitats in the state of North Carolina. Miles of coastline and its unique shape have blessed the area with an abundance of plants, animals and a unique climate. Thousands of birds migrate to and through the Outer Banks, making the beaches and shoreline a birder’s paradise. The counties, state and federal government have created many trails that you can walk, bike and sightsee from. No matter what your favorite part of nature is, the Outer Banks likely offers an adventure for you.

Discover History Daily

The Outer Banks has played an integral role in the early colonization of the Americas and continues to shape history today. Our land was the home of the Lost Colony and the birth of the first American-born child, Virginia Dare. The famous pirate, Blackbeard, spent years prowling the coasts of the Outer Banks and had his last stand near Ocracoke Island. The Banker ponies of Corolla and Carova have lived on the beaches of the Outer Banks since the 1500’s and the origins of how they arrived are debated even today. Arguably the greatest historical event to occur was the First Flight of Wilbur and Orville Wright, sending the world into the age of aviation. All of this history is at your front door when you live on the Outer Banks.

Strong Community Atmosphere

Although the Outer Banks is primarily known as a vacation destination, thousands call the Outer Banks home year-round. The community is known for its strength and wide variety of activities on the Outer Banks. The school systems are regularly ranked among the best in the state and boast a healthcare system that is prepared to handle any situation. No matter what portion of community life you desire, the Outer Banks has it for you.

The Beach!

We all love the Outer Banks for many reasons, but the most popular reason is usually the beaches. Living on the Outer Banks ensures that your family is a short distance from the beach no matter where you live. Summer breaks can be filled with weekend beach adventures and beachcombing can be a daily family activity.

These are just a few reasons why the Outer Banks is so popular for beach real estate. Learn more about homes that are available at sales@eillu.com.

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