10 DIY Projects to Boost Curb Appeal and Value to Your Home

10-DIY-changes-to-boost-curb-appealCurb appeal can make the difference between someone getting out of their car to view your home, or driving on

to the next beach property on the Outer Banks. The outside is a potential buyer’s first impression of the home and it is an important factor in showcasing your home. Fortunately finding inspiration, how-to resources and keeping changes affordable means that you can do-it-yourself!

1. Front door: What color is your front door? Doors are often the focal-point of a home where the eyes start before surveying the rest of the property. It is also one of the most overlooked aspects of a home. Painting a door the existing color or changing up the color can transform the outside of the house in just a few hours. Choosing bold colors like Yellow, blue, purple or red can often compliment the style of your home and help it stand out on your street.

2. House numbers: You’ve got the area memorized and mapped out, but do your potential buyers? Swap out faded, adhesive numbers for bold ones that match your house’s character. If you own a beach bungalow, depending on the architectural style, modern fonts probably aren’t the best fit even if you think they look really cool on their own. Think about the overall still of your house. Be creative.

3. Lighting: Make sure your light fixtures work and aren’t dimmed by a year’s worth of dead insects. Potential home buyers may be driving by at any time of day as they compare properties. Adding or adjusting current lighting fixtures will help promote a friendly and inviting feel.

4. Yard work: Is your grass mowed? Do you have grass? Have you picked up that branch that fell in your yard during the last windy day? Or how about the sand that is spilling onto the roadway? Attention to detail is key while your house is on the market. You never know when someone will take a day to swing by. Sprinkle grass seed or think about adding a raised bed for a garden or bushes.

5. Survey your edges: Edges to paths, perimeter of the house, driveways and sidewalks are easy to overlook and easy to clean up, showcasing simple yet dynamic lines that accentuate spaces. Trim back the overhanging grass, weeds, or sweep away sand and dirt that have taken over. Make sure your bushes are trimmed and your trash bins are out of site.

6. Straighten up and de-clutter: Pavers, planters and doormats, all things that can be tossed about and moved around as life unfolds. Maybe it’s time to replace some of those bricks on the path that are broken, or maybe that 4 year-old matt leading into the mudd room needs a good hosing off or replacement. Stand on your street and survey your house. What’s out of place? What doesn’t belong?

7. Flowers and bushes: Flowers and bushes are an inexpensive solution to beautify your property. Think of using flowers to fill some noticeably empty spaces, hide utility meters, or hang from porches to add privacy.

8. Outdoor showers: Many homes on the beach have spaces that resemble something scary rather than a place to clean-up after a day on the beach. Think about staining or painting the shower and adding standing plants around the outside to help blend in the otherwise wooden box. Update the faucet and add a fixture that could double as a towel rack. If the shower is under the house, think about installing a new light fixture to brighten up the area.

9. Windows: In a day or a weekend, you can remove all the screens on your home and scrub them, then wash your windows inside and out. Use recyclable newspapers instead of lint-leaving cloths or paper towels and a mixture of water and vinegar instead of chemical window cleaners.

10. Consistency: You spent all this time and maybe some money cleaning up the front of your house to attract people, but don’t forget about your backyard. You may have won people over with the first impression, but there’s a chance to scare them back out that shiny front door if the back yard is neglected. The care you show to the front of your home should carry around to the back as well. One important tip- clean up your animal’s business.

Homes on the Outer Banks can vary significantly in what they have to offer a home buyer. Curb appeal is your chance to highlight what makes your home unique on the outside in order to impress a potential buyer enough to want to see the inside. Think about what other people are doing in your neighborhood. Survey other homes similar to yours that may be on the market nearby to help give yourself an advantage and know how you stand up to potential competition.

If you’re ready to put your home on the market, contact Eillu’s team of professionals who are ready to help today at sales@eillu.com.

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